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The Perfect

Corey will never know the true meaning of being the Perfect...not until Rina comes along (story)


Say 'yes' to live out loud. Say 'no' to remain in your shell.


Lukina Muira

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good morning/afternoon/night, whatever. i am Luka/Lukina/Luu/Luki/and Biore. XD just kidding. i'd appreciate it if u just called me Lukina or something like that. Biore is someone else...
so, let's get started.
i'm living in the USA, sunny california (when they say sunny, they mean it doesnt rain in the summer...). which side, u ask? the gangsta side...yes, LA. i'm not gangsta, though.
i'm actually asian; 2nd generation. i was born here, in LA, amazingly. oh, and dont make fun of my squinty eyes; mine arent. and dont go 'ching chong chang' or whatever; i'm not chinese. i'm thai. yes, spicy food, sour food, ridiculously sweet food...that's me.
if u couldnt really tell, i LUV punk, lolita, goth and anything categorized in that department.
hobbies? thinking. yes, it is a hobby. i just sit there and think of what i'm going to do in life. it takes alot of work. i also like drawing, cuz i dont have to use my brain, unlike thinking. oh! i also collect manga, but dont tell anyone that i'm a mangaka...
i really-really-really-really love music. dont think i'm weird when i begin talking about it along with other random crap. like, pancakes. muffins, maybe. cupcakes is a definite. broccoli? no way in macintosh. (i like to replace words...)
so...oh yeah! ONE more thing...i LUV gruesome, grotesque, bloody things. talk nasty to meh! XD (but, dont come begging for cyber, newbs...and/or horny teens...jeez, u think the world runs on sex-! but, no! it doesnt! sex makes the world worser...mass reproduction and stuff, not enough money, economic crisis...ah, that's reality for u...)


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Poole242 Report | 07/28/2009 3:47 am
Hey, what's up?