Hey there

I am now 17. So scary lol. I am a Gemini lol. I live in New Zealand and I love it. I am also gay and have a lot of straight and gay friends everywhere lol. I go to an all boys school. Most of the guys there are so immature. I am learning German at school and it's awesome. I won the 1st in class prize for German as well.
I love my music. I mainly listen to pop music but other music does feature in my favourites.
I love Charmed, SVU, Desperate Housewives and Rove.

If you wanna know anything else give me a shout.


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the fact that you have to go to someone else's house in order to get hot water must be torture... lol i don't know what i would do without my hot shower in the morning.

it's winter here too. i don't really like winter why does it have to be so cold all the time?! at least it's good for eating soup and cuddling with someone in blankets all day. we don't have any frosts were i am but if i was closer to the mountains then probably.

so your logical and creative... see your special you do both. i think i can be both or neither... sometimes i just feel brain-dead...lol User Image

i'm okay, EXAMS ARE OVER~!! now to get the results and see if i passed or not. that is the question... and a very nerve wracking one at that.

i've been sleeping so much and i have nothing to do so i am just lazing about the house, feeling extremely tired because i am doing nothing.

haha... did that make sense?

ehh have to fill out tax forms and stuff... i really don't understand this stuff.

so how have you been mr.pineapple-ranger?

lol i don't know why i should call you the pineapple ranger User Image after all you've forgotten how they grow like i have. but now pineapples remind me of you... and you were always a ranger to me...lol//.


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thanks for the love *glomps you*

right minded or left minded has to do more with abilities or the way you think. left-minded being the more creative way of thinking while being right-minded is being logical way of thinking.

as for writing though i am left handed.

and as for political views i am not really political at all... but i should probably start taking an interest in that considering that i can vote now. so it might actually make a difference.

yeah thanks for the luck also... everything is due this week. i had few exams beforehand too. study and assessments. argh-ness

so how are you?

and what type of music do you like...?

just wondering and procrastinating.

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i'm alright... i burnt myself on a toaster and now i have 3 stripes on my hand. my family is not doing so well though... hmm i think stupid humour is my defence mechanism for these kind of things.

okay well now that you know this random piece of info, how have you been?

haven't heard from you in a while either.. User Image

are you a left-minded or right-minded individual? lol okay another random question... i think the difference is being creative or logical... i don't know User Image

but yes it has been awhile and i am sorry for that...i have exams [and assessments] on next week and i am supposed to be studying for that... but i am just so good at getting distracted by gaia. i am not a good person who can just study and be inspired like that, though i wish i could be.

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OMG!! it was your birthday yesterday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!
go to sleep! gotta take care of yourself... lol i sound like a mother-hen.
... or maybe if your partying, i guess stay up, lol. so you 18, now? might have to update your about section then blaugh
what is the legal age for drinking over there again?
if it's 18, did you go out drinking.
i am alright myself. i can tell i've got the beginning's of a cold coming. ooOoh!!~i also got a job. it was my first day today. wow... i can't believe i am no longer a freeloader. haha... i am probably gonna wish i still was later...
well have a good day~!
i actually like the look of this nancy drew movie, i wouldn't mind watching it.

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oh pineapple-ranger-friend who doesn't really like pineapples.
how have you been?

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yo, mon capi-tan xd
boredom strikes the hour past twelve and those polka dots shall never be the same once they're born twice.
Theis Reighn

Report | 04/23/2007 11:36 pm

Theis Reighn

Send This To All Ur Friends,
And Me If I Am 1.
If U Get 7 Back U R Loved

1-3 u r a bad friend
4-6 u r a ok friend
7-9 u r a good friend
10-& ^ u r a great friend

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yo, the pineapples are upset that you don't remember how they grow. rolleyes true story.. believe it!

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Random comment: Hi! ^_^

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you got my hopes up there, i was thinking - yay!! someone who knows - but you don't... crying tis a sad life i am living.
still on holiday? you make it sounds really long... yeah i'm holiday too but i go back next week. oh no! the horror. do you keep a journal or something in real life? i do, though it makes me feel incredibly girly and cliché. i can't write something like dear diary either, otherwise i am seized with really violent tendencies.... BURN, BURN, BURN!!! MUahaHaAHAHA!!
*COUGH* aww... you really like him, thats so kawaii 4laugh do you do the whole staring of into space, thinking of romantic things -kind of thing?
i'm well and what about you? feeling better from before?- hope so 3nodding
lol well i am still bored i don't think this will stop for a while... sounds like your in the same boat though. we can suffer together!! hehe... fun.