Hello, my name is Jade, but you can call me Lucy. My favorite pass time is the computer, Anime, Video games, and Drawing(Or other art like activities. On the comptuer I role play, Play on Gaia and check meh Deivent Art and my other various sites. The Anime's I watch, well there's a ton of them so I'll just post my favourites. (all time favourites.)
Elfen Lied
Chrono Crusade
gun slinger girls
Final Fantasy
Fate stay night
higurashi no koro
Fruits Basket
Card Captors Sakura
There are probably more. But the video games I like playing most are.
Final Fantasy
Sly cooper
Ratchet and Clank
Beyond good and evil
Shadow of the Colossus
and more. I'm probably missing some. For role play I role play with my friend Lydia on Yahoo, and then on Fairwarning. I have a pet cat named Deigo his younger brother Burrito died on August 20th 2006.
My hobbies are.
Writing now.
checking sites.
Role playing.
I have a few friends.
Lydia - Linka Tribal
DA -
Website - Unknown.
Hobby - Role playing.
Todd - Not on Gaia.
DA - None.
Website - Unknown
Hoddy - Anime.
Ashes - Doesn't go on Gaia.
DA - AndAshes.
Website - z15.invisionfree.com/fairwarning
Hobby - Role playing/Art/Writing.
Ashley - Doesn't go on Gaia.
DA - littlelightindark
Website - http://www.freewebs.com/ashleyness/
Hobby - Art/Writing/Role play.
Ryan - Doesn't go on Gaia.
DA - Unknown
Website - nostale.uk.co
Hobby - Anime, Nostale.
JT/Kona - Neither on Gaia.
DA - Kona-Kitten / Kona-Dragon
Website - Unknown
Hobby - DND/Art.
Stu - Doesn't go on Gaia.
DA - Unknown
Website - Unknown
Hobby - WoW
Mike - Doesn't go on Gaia.
DA - None.
Website - Unknwon.
Hobby - Too many.
Philip - Doesn't go on Gaia.
DA - Unknown.
Website - Unknown.
Hobby - Games/Anime.

After all that, there's me. I've given you my favourite game's and anime's. I'm also a movie fan. Sweeny Todd is my current Favourite at the moment. As for looks... I'm not the most beautiful person in the world I'm overweight by a bit, I've been losing weight lately, dunno how. I'm only about 5'4ish, I was origanally a bleach blonde but after I died it black, and then blonde again my eyes are.. blueish Green. I'm a pretty fast typer at I think it was 45 words a minute. I'm moving into my mother's basement with a couple friends, renting it for a few bucks. When I look at it, I am really nice.. too nice for my own good, I can seem like a jerk sometimes but I let people stay with me and I always lend people things when I shouldn't. -sigh- But I'll keep doing it because I'm too nice... -_-;. As for my school life I'm a few years behind because I stopped going, but I'm starting to cetch up but I have a feeling I'm not gunna get as far as I wanted.... If you wanna know anymore about me PM me I don't check comments very often. I think I explained most of myself in this paragraph though.

As for my recent history. My father passed away on christmas, so I've been under stress, moving in with my brother and I stopped working for a few months. I'm back at work and now I'm going to move into my mothers basement with a couple friends. It just feels like it would be a better thing to do then to stay here where I'm misrable. That's about it for now.
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Tsuki no Kosui

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Tsuki no Kosui

Hows it going lid told me to coment you
Linka Tribal

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Linka Tribal

Happy Thanksgiving! ^^

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cool profile XD i love elfen leid

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how goes(i was once lost shinigami)
Kitteh Jess

Report | 02/16/2007 11:20 am

Kitteh Jess

Jade.. You are.. so great.. >.> AND my character looks sooo adorable XD -Is at school, breaking rules by being on this site-

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random poke

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hello! biggrin

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Hola jade! Thought I would say hi like I should! cause i remembered my password! *hugs* yay!
♥ <3 hehe...^_^ good to say hi and...gimme your number cuz ill call yous again.

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