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Hello there! My name is no concern of yours, but most call me Luna. Some even call me Vincent, due to my avatar frequently being variations of Vincent. Obviously, I'm a Final Fantasy fanatic, and Vincent Valentine is one of my favorite characters of the series. I'm also a Halo fanatic. Aside from gaming, I enjoy reading, listening to music, drawing, and playing my guitar. New suggested reading material and music is always appreciated. <3 I enjoy random PMs and conversation. I'm a little shy at first, but talk to me enough and I'm just a goof ball.


Arrogance diminishes wisdom.

Currently stuck in my head: Heavy in Your Arms

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Mithek Report | 06/12/2017 1:58 am
huh return after awhile and on the second day get called a bot priceless
Master Slayer Lanyx Report | 03/08/2017 1:42 pm
Master Slayer Lanyx
Happy Birthday, Madame Luna.
Just Kosting Report | 06/21/2016 6:18 pm
Just Kosting
Aww, thanks Luna!!
Just Kosting Report | 06/21/2016 12:01 pm
Just Kosting
Final weekend of a show, plus getting ready for the next show, plus babysitting. gonk And that's only for this upcoming weekend. All week is planning for camps, classes, parades, events, etc.
Just Kosting Report | 06/21/2016 10:56 am
Just Kosting
Thank you!! XD It's going to be a crazy week and weekend!!
Just Kosting Report | 06/21/2016 9:42 am
Just Kosting
Can't take it easy! I got put in charge of all the insanity!! eek blaugh
Just Kosting Report | 03/28/2016 5:23 am
Just Kosting
Aww, thank you!!!
Deidara-niichan Report | 12/27/2015 7:07 am

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.•• ••.
►["You guys ARE just playthings for us to hunt!"]◄
.•• ••.

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No worries~
thank you! heart

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Deidara-niichan Report | 12/25/2015 4:23 am
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Merry Christmas

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Snowflakes are falling
holidays are here,we get together
It's the best time of the year
Wishes come true,upon a star
No matter where you are!!
It's a little magic.
A winter wonderland

I see it, believe it
I get a feeling like nothing is impossible.
A Christmas,for me and you
dreams can come true
It's a little magic,some kind wonderful
When I'm with you

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VampirePrincessKuranYuuki Report | 09/28/2015 11:17 am
I tried Lake Kindred last night, didnt gave out much gold.
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