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Xaimee Report | 02/03/2013 7:23 am
Happy Birthday. heart
Xaimee Report | 02/03/2012 12:10 am
Happy Birthday. heart
5Bulletproof-Marshmellows Report | 02/03/2011 4:15 pm
Happy Birthday!
TinuRao Report | 10/22/2010 12:02 pm
I miss you heart
Xaimee Report | 09/28/2010 3:37 pm
lol True.
Xaimee Report | 09/28/2010 3:29 pm
Hehe interesting. I expected light pink since she's so pale. razz
Lovin Tha High Lifee Report | 09/25/2010 4:21 pm
Lovin Tha High Lifee
I AM YOU!!! -Does a twirl showing off the same avi.-
Xaimee Report | 08/29/2010 4:01 pm
I was thinking for our RP at the moment. Perhaps you could play the general and I could play the scientist? That way we could still interact even though our characters are apart. 3nodding
Xaimee Report | 05/17/2010 3:47 am
Okay. 3nodding
Xaimee Report | 05/16/2010 7:47 pm
Okay. Well I'm glad I came up with something that worked anyway. 3nodding


I can believe things that are true and I can believe things that aren’t true and I can believe things where nobody knows if they’re true or not.


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Writing and Updates

If you want leave comments... it will be much appreciated.



First off the name is LuckyMaiden, I will also respond to Lucky, Maiden, Kat, Kitty and that's about it, unless you can come up with a nickname that I actually like. If you can then feel free to call me by that name. So far No ones come up with any others, so good luck ^^

So let's see, what does one say about one's self. It seems rather hard to describe yourself without some kind of bias. So I guess there really isn't to much too say.... hmmm... well I might as well give it a shot.

I'm Me.

I'm a Lover

I'm a Friend

I'm a Writer

I'm a Scholar

I'm a Student

I'm a Traveler

I'm a Teacher

I'm Logical

I'm Inquisitive

I'm Learning

I'm Teaching

I'm Crazy

I'm Weird

I'm Happy

I'm Loving Life

I'm Never Alone

Things I Love:
-My Awesome, Crazy, Insane and Totally Amazing Friends
-Writing(Preferably a novel or a Rp)
-New things
-Movies all kinds.

Things I Dislike:
-Rudeness and Ignorance
-Missing Someone
-Feeling Alone
-Waking up

Things I feel need to be said to complete at least the general description of who I am.

My Friends mean more to me then anything else, I will do anything for them, even if it means risking my own self. If you ever hurt them, I will not be kind.

I want to be so many things, and do so many things, that I don't even know where I'm going sometimes.

I love to write, anything and everything. I never really like what I write, but as long as others do I'm more then content.

That's all you need to know.
If you want to know more, get to know me.

Favorite Quotes-

I can believe things that are true and I can believe things that aren’t true and I can believe things where nobody knows if they’re true or not. I can believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and Marilyn Monroe and the Beatles and Elvis and Mister Ed. Listen—I believe that people are perfectible, that knowledge is infinite, that the world is run by secret banking cartels and is visted by aliens on a regular basis, nice ones that look like wrinkledy lemurs and bad ones who mutilate cattle and want our water and women. I believe that the future sucks and I believe that the future rocks and I believe that one day White Buffalo Woman is going to come back and kick everyone’s a**. I believe that all men are just overgrown boys with deep problems communicating and that the decline in good sex in America is coincident with the decline in drive-in movie theaters from state to state. I believe that all politicians are unprincipled crooks and I still believe that they are better than the alternative. I believe that California is going to sink into the sea when the big one comes, while Florida is going to dissolve into madness and alligators and toxic waste. I believe that antibacterial soap is destroying our resistance to dirt and disease so that one day we’ll all be wiped out by the common cold like the Martians in War of the Worlds. I believe that the greatest poets of the last century were Edith Sitwell and Don Marquis, that jade is dried dragon sperm, and that thousands of years ago in a former life I was a one-armed Siberian shaman. I believe that mankind’s destiny lies in the stars. I believe that candy really did taste better when I was a kid, that it’s aerodynamically impossible for a bumblebee to fly, that light is a wave and a particle, that there’s a cat in a box somewhere who’s alive and dead at the same time (although if they don’t ever open the box to feed it it’ll eventually just be two different kinds of dead), and that there are stars in the universe billions of years older than the universe itself. I believe in a personal god who cares about me and worries and oversees everything I do. I believe in an impersonal god who set the universe in motion and went off to hang with her girlfriends and doesn’t even know that I’m alive. I believe in an empty and godless universe of causal chaos, background noise, and sheer blind luck. I believe that anyone who says that sex is overrated just hasn’t done it properly. I believe in absolute honesty and sensible social lies. I believe in a woman’s right to choose, a baby’s right to live, that while all human life is sacred there’s nothing wrong with the death penalty if you can trust the legal system implicitly, and that no one but a moron would ever trust the legal system. I believe that life is a game, that life is a cruel joke, and that life is what happens when you’re alive and that you might as well lie back and enjoy it.- Sam Black Crow

Sometimes during my fifth cup of coffee I wonder why I cant sleep at night.- Me

Mal: "What was that?"
Wash: "Did you see that?"
Mal: "Was that the primary buffer panel?"
Wash: "Did seem to resem-"
Mal: "Did the primary buffer panel just fall off my gorram ship for no apparent reason?!"”
Wash: "Sure looks like!"

"Stop playing with the compressed air or I'm gonna compress your head and shove it in there." -Homeroom Teacher

The kraken stirs. And ten billion sushi dinners cry out for vengeance.- Good Omens

I DON'T CARE WHAT IT SAYS, said the tall biker in the helmet, I NEVER LAID A FINGER ON HIM.- Good Omens, Death

It wasn't a dark and stormy night.
It should have been, but there's the weather for you. For every mad scientist who's had a convenient thunderstorm just on the night his Great Work is complete and lying on the slab, there have been dozens who've sat around aimlessly under the peaceful stars while Igor clocks up the overtime.-Good Omens

God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of the players, (ie everybody), to being involved in an obscure and complex version of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won't tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time. -Good Omens

Agatha Christie! I was just talking about you the other day. I said I bet she's brilliant. I'm the Doctor, this is Donna. Oh, I love your stuff. What a mind! You fool me every time. Well, almost every time. Well, once or twice. Well, once. But it was a very good once. -Dr. Who

Teal´c: "Should we not be helping Daniel Jackson with the translation, O´Neill?"
Jack: "I´m taking this loop off."
He pauses and Teal´c sits. "You know what Teal´c? If we don´t get out of this soon, I´m going to lose it." Teal´c is confused. "Lose it. It means go crazy. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. No longer in possession of one´s faculties. Three fries short of a happy meal. WACKO!!"

Jack O´Neill to Janet Fraiser: "I ask you, what could be possibly be in my eye that would explain all this?"

"My calculator has gone AWOL. If I had lost it in math class it would be MIA. But no, I just don't know where it is.. therefore it is AWOL. If it had simply died while i was using it in math class then it would be KIA, but no... it is AWOl." -Me
"So.. If someone stole it, would it be a POW?" - Pria.
"Yes. But only if it was stolen in Math class... Because MATH CLASS IS WAR." - Me

"At least I didn't sleep with your cousin." -Tony
"You slept with my sister!" -Kate
"I thought she was you!" -Tony
"She weights 300 pounds!" -Kate
"She was wearing your earrings!"-Tony

"In assisting at a fire in a boarding house, the true gentleman will always save the young ladies firsts.... Partiality in the matter of rescue to be shown to:
1. Fiancées
2. Person toward whom the operator feels a tender sentiment but has not yet declared himself.
3. Sisters
4. Stepsisters
5. Nieces
6. First Cousins
7. Cripples
8. Second Cousins
9. Invaldis
10. Young lady-relations by marriage.
11. Third cousins and young lady friends of the family.
12. The unclassified.
Other Material in the boarding house is to be rescued in the following order.
13. Babies
14. Children under the age 10
15. Young Widows
16. Young married Females
17. Elderly married Femalese
18. Elderly Widows
19. Clergyman
20. Boarders in General
21. Female Domestics
22. Male Domestics
23. Landlady
24. Landlord
25. Fireman
26. Furniture
27. Mothers-in-Law"

Oh How I love you Mark Twain.

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