I am a goddess.
I am also The eyebrow messiah.

Aye guys.
My name is Brittany, I'm 19, a goddess and I don't like you.
I don't care about your day, I don't care what your doing.
I don't care lmao.
Jus'Kidding. I'm not that much of a b***h, lmao.

If I'm nice to you I probably like you and consider you a friend
of some sorts c:

- 19
- July 2nd ♥ 96'
- Straight
- From North carolina.
- Italian / Bulgarian

- I am a goddess

Okay so as for other social media I'm sure
You people will be wanting to stalk me through ♥

Please visit my Tumblr

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- Instagram: Eck____ (4 underspaces)
- Tumblr if you have one :*
- Kik :Trippyxkitty
- Snapchat: imagoddessx
- Skype: Kitty_trippin
- Oovoo: Kitty_Trippin

I do follow back ♥♥

Me and Lucifer go way back;
I was his Eloa and he was my Angel

My face :
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lol yur gey