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Of Suns And Moons

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● Lucifer Inlustris ●

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● Basic Info ●

Name: Lucifer Araceli Inlustris
Mage Name: Flarestar
Alias: Falcon
Epithets: Starlit Angel, Ancient Eyes, The Illumined, Indigo Eye, Light of Atlantis
Birthdate: November 11
Birthplace: Arastella, Gaia
Age: 16
Status: Active
Gender: Male
Height: 175.1 cm
Weight: 64.2 kg
Blood Type: AB-
Build: Rhomboid Mesomorph
Base of Operations:
●Atlantean Star Empire
●Galactic Federation of Light
●Sphere Alliance
●Order of the Holy Flame
Previous Affiliation: N/A
●Crown Prince
●Treasure Hunter
Previous Occupation: N/A
●The Starlit Acolytes
Previous Team: N/A
Partner: TBA
Previous Partner: N/A
●Augustine Inlustris (Father)
●Serafina Inlustris (Mother)
●Aurora Inlustris (Younger Sister)
●Estelle Inlustris (Younger Sister)
●Atticus Inlustris (Older Brother)
●Annabelle Inlustris (Younger Sister)
●Corvin Inlustris (Younger Brother)
●Natalie Inlustris (Daughter)
●Rosaline Inlustris (Neice)
●Sebastian Inlustris (Uncle)
●Cleopatra Inlustris (Aunt)
●Florent Inlustris (Cousin)
●Crescent Inlustris (Cousin)
●Isabella Octavius (Girlfriend)
●Asta (Cockatiel)
●Echo (Congo Grey Parrot)
●Castor (Blue & Gold Macaw)
●Pollux (Scarlet Macaw)
●Nefret (Eleonora's Falcon)
●Celeste (Divine Phoenix)
●Ragnor (Celestial Dragon)
●Ember (Fire Sprite)
●Starfire (Spirit Wolf)
●Tomoe (Maneki Neko)
●Kohaku (Tengoku Kitsune)
Bloodline: Inlustris Dynasty
Race: Atlantean
●Oldies Music
●Classical Music
●Extreme Weather
Lucifer is described as rebellious yet good spirited and has good judgement. You could describe him as a cross between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral in terms of alignment. He tends to hold little to no regard for authority even though he is generally respectful to those around him. He can be very fun loving and has a pleasant disposition for animals, especially birds. He also has a sense of humor albeit blue or dark. He can also be perverted but generally keeps that mostly in check. He is passionate in what he believes in and is devoted to his loved ones. If he sees something like a rule or law that infringes on his freedom, he will disregard it entirely. Being a nonconformist, he generally likes music most probably don't even remember and violates social norms constantly. If he is put in a leadership position he is generally laissez faire as long as people don't get him in trouble and generally hears everyone's concerns out and encourages consensus rather than compromise. He also tends not to give a crap what people he doesn't know or people that don't know him think of him. When angered he will be ruthless and if a loved one is threatened or harmed, he will not hesitate to kill. He is also hotheaded and stubborn at times and can appear as insensitive or arrogant to some. He also has sadistic tendencies while in battle. He can be socially awkward around people he doesn't know or know about. And when it comes to women he can be a complete pervert. Another big fault of his is that he tends to believe that since he has great power that he never needs help from others when he actually does whether it be from physical injury to mental or emotional troubles. A giant weakness of his is that if these negative traits take him over he cannot think critically or logically and becomes impulsive and oblivious in battle.
Main Theme:
Battle Theme:
Lux Aeterna
Extra Theme:
Empire of Dust
He Who Desires
Shards of my Soul
Final Judgement
Spirits of Karelia
War for Heaven
Invincible Messiah
Your God Is Dead
The Reckoning of Fate
Ancient Protector
The Devil
League of Darkness

● Background ●

Lucifer was born on November 11th on a planet known as Gaia within the Helios System, a star system in the constellation Ophiuchus consisting of a G5V type sun and 9 planets. He is the second child and the second born son of the Inlustris Dynasty of the Atlantean Star Empire. Growing up he always wanted to be strong and always trained to be the best in anything he put his mind to. He cares deeply for his siblings and parents always trying to cheer his little sisters up whenever they cried. There were times growing up where he saw civil unrest and wondered why they were so upset and when he asked, he simply got a response saying he was too young to understand. One of those days he asked his father to which he got a more desirable reply. His father stated they did not like a few decisions parliament and civil officials were making. Lucifer simply stated that maybe he should try to cheer them up like he does with his younger sisters. His father laughing and saying maybe someday he will get the chance.

When Lucifer first turned ten years old, Nero Elysius, then a Royal Advisor and Military General like his father before him, approached Lucifer telling the young prince that he had a birthday surprise for him. Lucifer being the kind naive child he was, willingly followed Nero to a secluded promenade in the palace and proceeded to pull out a death scythe, specifically the First Scythe Of Samael, and began to attack Lucifer with intent to kill. Luckily, Lucifer's older brother Atticus was watching closely and followed the two to the location. Atticus managed to block the scythe just in time, preventing Nero from beheading Lucifer, leaving Lucifer with only a scar on his left cheek. Nero, knowing he was found out and outmatched, sliced a portal open with the scythe and escaped. Atticus held Lucifer, who was now crying out of fear, closely comforting him and telling him everything was going to be ok.

By the last year of his time in middle school Lucifer finally understood why there was so much unrest. He and his younger sister were walking home from school before encountering a mass protest. His sister ran to see what the problem was and Lucifer chased after her. All of a sudden a Molotov cocktail was thrown and the protest turned into an armed riot. Shots were being fired and before he could catch up to her, Lucifer's younger sister, Aurora was hit by one of the Officer's gunfire. The worst part was that the officer in question had ties with Nero like many of those in the elected government and shot her on purpose while she was trying to protect a child. As she collapsed on the ground Lucifer rushed to her side. The riot began to cool down as both officers and protestors look in shock at the scene before them. Lucifer irate with emotions of despair and hatred, doesn't know what to do as his sister lay unconscious and near death in front of him. Mystic Energy flows through his entire body and reacts within his brain and eyes as he awakens his dormant latent power. His eyes turn from blue to a glowing multi-color of fire as he stands up and stares down the officer who fired the shot. With a quick glance the officer is paralyzed and Lucifer unsheathes his knife and rushes straight toward the officer. In almost an instant, the knife was plunged straight into one of the source radices on the officer's body and the officer coughs up blood before vanishing in a puff of dust. Lucifer threatens to do the same to the other officers if they don't give immediate medical attention to his sister and leave the scene peacefully. He tells the protesters that he has the issue under control and for them to just go about their daily lives. Thankfully his sister was saved from death and no other incidents occurred for the next few months.

During his second year of high school Lucifer had gotten his license to fly a spaceship and has mastered most of his powers. While he was away at school his Father was in a meeting with Lucifer's older brother and the Courts of Nobility regarding the next Heir to the throne. Just as they were to agree to Lucifer's older brother, Atticus to the throne, Atticus stated he has no desire to ascend to the throne and instead nominates Lucifer. Everyone at the meeting was in shock in what they just heard. Atticus gives his reasons why and even goes as far to mention his desire to live with a girl he loves out in the countryside. While most at the table were in distaste at this revelation and objected, his father smiled and interrupted saying he agrees. Lucifer in the middle of class is interrupted by a messenger whom brought the holographic message into the classroom and set it down in his hand before leaving. Lucifer and his classmates gather around as Lucifer activates the message. Greeted by a tiny hologram of his father he is told that he has been selected as the next Heir to the Imperial Throne. Even Lucifer was shocked before his father closed the message with a mention that now he has the chance to cheer all the subjects up like he claimed he would when he was younger, to which Lucifer calmly smiled.

About two months after receiving word that he was to become the Crown Prince, Lucifer was called to a Royal Summit to discuss state of affairs with other nobles and to give the State Of The Empire Speech. However when he was in his Imperial State Car welcomed by a massive crowd on his way to the summit location, he was shot in the chest by an unknown assassin. The energy blast pierced him through the chest missing his heart by a mere three centimeters. Lucifer was rushed to the nearest hospital and immediately received emergency treatment. Although put into a coma for a whole two weeks and receiving a scar on his chest, he nonetheless survived and recovered completely with no permanent debilitation.

Eventually Lucifer needed to find a job that could help fund his studies and research. After trying and being fired from several jobs he came to an idea. He could put his combat skills to use and become a Freelancer. Not only does this opportunity give him big money but it also gives him satisfaction in what he was looking for in his life, excitement and adventure. Luckily he has a ship and a few of his friends including ones in an Interstellar Exchange program from Earth were in need of a job. This is how The Starlit Acolytes were formed. By taking up several dangerous high paying jobs they eventually made enough money to place outposts on Earth in the Amazon, Lacandon, Waitakere, Yanbaru, and Cardamom Rainforests where they could visit. In fact Earth is one of Lucifer's favorite places to visit and is often the place where a lot of the treasures found by Lucifer and his crew are stored.

● Equipment ●

Tenshi Muramasa
The Tenshi Muramasa is a Holy Sword and the one of only twelve Sacred Blades among the Muramasa Blades another being the Fushichō Muramasa. The others are either Demon or Fairy Blades. It was the first blade created by Muramasa Sendo himself. The sword is made from Stellaine and Orichalcum and is indestructible. It's cutting power is extremely precise and the sword even produces it's own Mystical Energies. Lucifer has stated that this sword is imbued with the Quintessence of every angel that has existed. It's unique properties is that it can inflict a divine metaphysical poison curse mark on anything or anyone it pierces causing them to die an agonizing death in under a minute. It is also the most powerful of the Muramasa Blades as it can completely demolish most of if not an entire city in one swing. It has a black Scabbard with five white Magatama lining each side evenly spaced. It's Sageo cord is red and it's Ito is white with a black same. The blade itself is an Iridescent Silver in color. It's mountings are Orichalcum including it's Vajra Menuki and Aoi Gata Tsuba.

Starfire Arm
Lucifer's Arcane Staff is one of his key pieces of equipment. At 175 Centimeters tall, It has a dark black transparent Atlantean crystal orb on the top that has what seems to have stars and nebulae within it akin to a mini galaxy. The Crystal Orb is called a Genesis Star. The staff is made from the wood of a Divine World Tree, the Tree of Knowledge from the Garden of Eden to be exact. The wood is indestructible because of it's nature as a Divine material. On the wood part of the staff an image of a snake is carved as if it were wrapped around the walnut finished wooden rod. Orichaclum mountings engraved with Atlantean designs cap the bottom of the staff and mount the crystal orb on the top.

Lucifer's magic Ocarina is one of his prized possessions. Given to him by his mother when he was five years old, the Ocarina is made of the same type of wood his staff is and as such is indestructible. This Ocarina has the ability to project musical numbers into beautiful magical images by synchronizing with the user's heart, mind, and soul. It is also capable of placing people to sleep or cause hallucinations or even place hypnosis on others as well. Engraved in Atlantean on it are the words, Never let go of your dreams.

A Mystical Knife that Lucifer uses in close quarters combat. It has mystical properties that can cancel out any spell or power it pierces by disrupting the natural flow of physical and metaphysical energy within it. It is his only weapon that can kill immortals due to it's properties. It was gifted to him by his parents after his coming of age ceremony. It is the last weapon anyone wishes to face and is Lucifer's trump card. It's hilt has a black Fairysilk wrap over a black divine wood grip and a clip point false edge blade similar to most combat knives. It's blade and fittings are all made of Stellaine. It is kept in a black scabbard and is mounted on the back of his belt. The black scabbard made of divine wood has a Stellaine Heptagram Seal decorated on either side. When used, Enochian scripts glow blue on the cheek of the blade. It is often weak by itself against beings that have a unique physiology such as homogeneous cell structure and lacking internal organs. Because of it's specific material composition it is also indestructible.

Excalibur is one of the Grand Regalia of Avalon, it alongside the Holy Grail is the most powerful of said Atlantean Regalia. The blade is composed of Stellaine with the engraved hilt and mountings being composed of Orichalcum and Dragon Ivory. The hilt is wrapped in Scarlet Fairy Silk and the blade is engraved with Enochian Runes. The scabbard is composed of Dragon Ivory encrusted with Star Crystals of varying varieties and is further decorated with engraved Stellaine and Orichalcum. Excalibur has several notable magic traits, one in which it shares with it's scabbard, being indestructible. The scabbard has the ability to preserve the life of it's wielder, allowing a user to survive long enough to be treated and healed from grave combat injuries. The sword itself can cleave through any armor or helmet it pierces like butter and a simple reflection of light from the blade can blind an entire army. Other notable traits include divinity, domination, illusions, destruction, and providence.

Staff Of Ra
The Staff of Ra is an ancient mystical artifact crafted by the gods themselves. It was gifted to Lucifer as a thank you gift from Ra's daughter, Hathor after he and Isabella rescued her and Ihy from a revived Apophis and the Red Lord Set. The Staff of Ra is a Divine Weapon containing a Primordial Stone, The Eye of Ra. As a primordial stone it is indestructible and the staff itself alongside Orichalcum, is also composed of Rosantine, a Rose-hued Divine metal and is indestructible. The staff itself reaches 1.9 meters in height. It's ornament resembles an Egyptian sun symbol with the primordial stone orb mounted in the center and many Egyptian sun rays radiating from the circular mounting that vertically encircles the gemstone. The sun rays are surrounded by a halo-like frame with a horizontal bar just beneath it creating an ankh-like appearance to the staff. The golden staff is also decorated with ornate coppery Egyptian designs and hieroglyphics. It is so powerful not even void energy can affect it. It enhances the use of Holy Fire or Divine Light and can be used to increase Magical and Innate Powers and Protect the Caster from enemy attacks. The Reddish Amber hued Primordial Stone in it however is what gives it it's signature feats. It has the power to give and take lives or even erase and restore existences from an individual scale to a massive scale of an entire mega city if needed. It is mainly used as a last resort and is more or less used for display of authority if desired.

Korai Enkōshi
A Mystical Holy Sword hand forged from Stellaine in the fires of a supernova and imbued with the entire Divine Council's Quintessence. This Katana is Lucifer's standard blade often opting to use this one instead of his Muramasa early in his fights. It is a sword that takes on properties of it's wielder acting as an extension of the self. It's unique power is to cast extremely convincing illusions that are almost impossible to distinguish from reality. It too is indestructible and is capable of slicing through most anything. It has an Iridescent Black Stellaine blade which is unusual for a sword. It's mountings are also Orichalcum including the Taka Menuki and Manji Kaku Gata Tsuba. The Sageo and Ito are red while the Same and Scabbard are white. The scabbard is lined with three evenly spaced red Mitsudomoe emblems on each side.

A necessity for any Magus, Grimoires serve as guides in Magical research. These textbooks include vast amounts of knowledge in various subjects including but not limited to creating magical objects, performing magic spells, charms and divination as well as to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as Angels, Fairies, or Demons. Although not a Grimoire per se, Lucifer also possesses a bible for use of some Divine Magic rituals and incantations. His most used Grimoire is none other than the Sefer Raziel HaMalakh aka the Book of Raziel the Angel.

Yukihana Otome
A Mystical Holy Sword recently forged from the fires of a Red Giant Star and imbued with the Quintessence of Shekhinah by Lucifer himself. This Odachi is Lucifer's largest blade and is often used for tougher opponents. It is a sword that contains the properties of the highest caliber, it can slice through dimensions of space and time. It too is indestructible and is capable of slicing through most anything. It has a Iridescent Silver Stellaine blade. It's mountings are also Orichalcum including the Hishi Menuki and Hakkakukei Gata Tsuba. The Sageo and Ito are maya blue while the Same and Scabbard are egyptian blue. The scabbard is decorated by maya blue Japanese snowflake designs evenly spaced on either side. Unlike his other two blades which he mounts on his left side or back, this sword is often slung over his lower back or kept in a storage dimension to be summoned later in battle.

Philosopher's Stone
Lucifer claims to have a number of Philosopher's Stones. He will not reveal how they are created but he ensures the legends about Humans being it's primary ingredient are mostly incorrect. He does state that Human Transmutation is a method but not the only one. However this being said, Lucifer states that it is the quickest and easiest method but it is one he refuses to use.

Mystic Cards
Lucifer has in his possession various forms of Mystical Cards including Tarot Cards and Spirit Cards. Often used in Ceremonial and Practical Spells, Mystic Cards act as a tool in spell casting and divination. Despite this however some forms of Mystic Cards such as Spirit Cards, are an actual created spirit that can be called upon to assist the caster in times of need.

Lucifer keeps a number of talismans to be used at his discretion. Talismans come in many forms for various purposes. The most well known forms are Ofuda, Jewelry, and Dolls. However, a talisman can also be an object such as a Statue or Figurine. Each talisman tends to serve a specific purpose based on the use of their intrinsic properties.

Mystic Grenades
Grenades that use Mystic Energies as a source of detonation. They are activated by flowing mystic energy into them causing a reaction that triggers the detonation timer. The grenades can be programmed with various effects using the mind. For instance, a user can flow mystic energy into them and choose how powerful the grenade detonates and what it detonates as. This means the grenades can be programmed to cause an EMP blast, an incendiary blast, and in some cases a miasma blast among countless other ways. The latter two are extremely dangerous, a miasma blast has the power to do various things akin to nerve agents and can cause infectious outbreaks within areas surrounding the immediate vicinity.

Star Crystals
Crystals created and used by Atlantean society. These crystals are used for almost everything so all Atlanteans possess them in one form or another. They come in a myriad of shapes and colors. Some of the most important purposes of these crystals is to tap into the Akashic Records or use them in programming for use in technology. These crystals are often cut into various shapes to serve various purposes. Depending on the shape of the cut crystal it can take on different properties. They are created by seeding part of one's Mystic Energy into the ground growing crystals that possess the knowledge of the Akashic Records and the Seeder. Lucifer wears one as a necklace pendant.

Atlantean Ray Gun
A Ray Gun that is powered by Atlantean Crystal cartridges. It can fire either a continuous beam or a single blast. It has several settings that include Stun, Kill, or Disintegrate. It is a prime example of how powerful Atlantean Technology can be. Lucifer has been seen wielding a Pistol variant as well as a Rifle variant.

Atlantean Toolkit
A toolkit composed of information guides, emergency supplies and rations, and specific tools and gadgets needed for planetary expeditions. It has a built in radio mounted inside that connects to communication devices provided by the toolkit. It is often kept where Lucifer sets up camp outside the ship and every crew member has one as well.

One of Lucifer's most powerful weapons is his Starblade, a signature trait of an Acolyte. It is a weapon akin to a Mystical Lightsaber. Because he is part of the Order of the Holy Flame, he was able to craft one. It contains an extremely rare Star Crystal known as a Fireheart Star and is said to give off a strong feeling of infinite love and devotion as well as strength, loyalty, and eternal light. When deactivated it hangs on Lucifer's belt and when drawn it creates a long bright blade of flaming light taking on the colors of Holy Fire. The crystal itself enhances innate power and has powerful holy mind and soul control and purification and eradication powers alongside Illusion Manipulation and a Degree of Divine Providence in both offensive and defensive effects, it can also destroy fate itself. The Regalia's name means Illumination in Enochian. It's hilt is made of Indestructible Orichalcum etched with traditional Atlantean engravings and a bladed quillon design. When activated the quillons also produce intersecting blades of light making the blade of the cross guard variety. It is a two handed hilt single blade style Celestial Blade well suited to Lucifer's Swordsmanship Skills.

Mystic Starship: Nightfall
Lucifer can pilot an Indigo Class Star Cruiser that he has ownership of. Unlike other warships it is not marked by with the ISS often seen on Star Command Ships mainly because it is privately owned. It can land on a planet's surface despite it's large size of 1300 meters. It runs on Star Crystals which tap into Mystic Power to charge the FTL engines which use an extensive network of mystical tunnels called Star Conduits or alternatively an ethereal realm called a Star Field. The core of the drive consists of a Star Crystal in the shape of a Stellated Octahedron, this Sacred Geometric shape is also referred to as a Merkabah Star. The component, known as a Merkabah Core, is the key component in a Mystical FTL system known as a Star Drive. The ships themselves are made of extremely potent Mystical Alloys as well as Bio-neural and Starnet Circuitry. The ship is equipped with a Starmap Navigation System and has a secondary propulsion system called an Ether Drive which can use a form of Apportation to jump from location to location allowing even Interuniversal Travel. The farther the ship travels and the more energy it uses, the more strain is put on the ship's circuits, this means traveling vast distances in an instant can cause engines to overheat and stall faster. If this happens, the ship will have to spend 12 to 24 hours to cool down it's over-stressed mechanics. The good side to this is that the ship generally doesn't need to stop and refuel ever. Because it's drive is programmed to tap into a source of infinite mystic energy allowing the ship a state of partial ascension to use FTL travel and bypass the light barrier. As a result it is essentially traveling in it's own fuel similar to a fish with gills in water. The ship can be activated or deactivated with a simple mental command of the ship's owner. The ship itself is essentially alive. The name of Lucifer's ship is the Nightfall.

● Powers and Abilities ●

Regenerative Healing Factor
Atlanteans naturally possess extreme amounts of vitality and life energy leading to their 1,000 year lifespans. However another perk from this genetic trait is their extreme passive regenerative healing factor. Atlanteans have the ability to regenerate lost limbs and survive most fatal injuries. This also leads them to be extremely resistant if not immune to all harmful contaminants. This is because the body purges them by metabolizing or filtering and expelling them. Atlanteans can't however survive decapitation or bisections that separate their brain and heart. And if someone is able to keep a foreign object i.e. a sword lodged in the vital organs attacked, the organ cannot properly heal itself. Because viruses are more complex and rely on host cells to reproduce, they take more time for the body to process and eliminate. Some contaminants can still affect the body but in most cases it is not fatal. Certain contaminants however in certain concentrations can be potentially fatal for the recipient. Even though Atlanteans are essentially immune to genetic disease, if they are exposed to high amounts of toxic radiation for too long then acute radiation sickness will eventually kill them. Despite that however the body can naturally recover from Radiation Sickness if the subject escapes the radiation source and is given time to heal.

Enhanced Physique
Atlanteans are much more physically capable than typical humans. Their Strength, Speed, Agility, Durability, Reflexes, Endurance, Dexterity, Balance, Flexibility, Stamina, Senses, and Vitality are all enhanced to a near superhuman degree. They can survive being thrown through several buildings at once. It was this that made Atlanteans so feared as a Warrior Race. During various Galactic Expansion campaigns from the Atlantean Empire thousands of years ago it was this trait that made them hard to defeat as because of this they are more likely to survive deadly situations. This being said, it doesn't make them invincible. They are still prone to things like being burned alive or bleeding out or almost any other human weaknesses. This strength can be increased ten-fold or more by converting high concentrations of Ki into Jing. Lucifer also has a pair of white Angel Wings that he can morph out of his back. This was a permanent physiological change from learning Divine Magic. As a result he has a second set of scapulae on his upper back to accommodate this change and his primary scapulae are slightly smaller and tilted to make room for the other set.

Martial Arts
Lucifer is proficient in the martial arts. He can handle close range combat with ease. He is also particularly skilled with using various handheld weapons in combat as well as unarmed combat. He can disarm another with no effort whatsoever. Ki is often harnessed in this ability. This ability can be enhanced by converting high concentrations of Ki into Jing. The specific styles he has studied is Jeet Kune Do, Muay Boran, Shaolin Kung Fu, Kami-Te, and Naminoue Shintō-Ryū. Naminoue Shintō-Ryū is a Koryū style of Kobudō that includes various Bukijutsu to the already existing Okinawan Kobudō Style. It is the signature Weapons System of Naminoue Shrine in Okinawa, Japan. Kami-Te is a ancient style of Karate that is a mixed martial art. Unlike most Karate systems it focuses on methods for both stand-up and ground fighting. Kami-Te is descended from mostly privately taught schools of Nihon and Ryūkyū Karate and is the signature fighting style of Naminoue Shrine.

Arcane Mode
Arcane Mode Is a transformation where the caster becomes one with the Essence of Mystic Energy. It boosts a casters overall power by at least 30 Fold. It brings out the full potential of a user's body, mind, and spirit. To use Arcane Mode, the user's mind must be clear, psychologically speaking; they have to free themselves from all negativity in their mind and heart, and must maintain focus on the battle at hand and nothing else. While doing so, the user's Mystic Energy flares up to its highest output as Mystic Energy begins to permeate from their body, achieving perfect synchronicity with the world, enabling the user to tap into almost any form of Mystic Energy such as Psionic Energy, Magical Energy, Azothean Energy, and even Ethereal Energy, granting them absolute dominance over the concept of supernatural. When under the effects of Arcane Mode, the user becomes a maelstrom of luminous mystic energy that pours from a calm center in which they do not appear to be present either physically or as an individual personality despite the fact they are, having completely merged with the essence of Mysticism and Metaphysics becoming a being of glowing mysticism. When active, Arcane Mode is signified by the user's eyes becoming surrounded by a flaming glow and an aura of Mystic Energy coats their bodies, but often more than not the mode varies in appearance by user often gaining a new wardrobe from the change. A famous attribute is that arcane mode grants the user with an extreme gut instinct, practically allowing the body to move by itself without thought. This blessing is seen as the ultimate defensive ability, hence why arcane mode is a highly sought after transformation. It also has levels and stages and it brings out the full potentials of a Regalia.
Level One
The first level a user achieves. It is accompanied by the changes in appearance and state of being. The Eyes begin to glow and an aura of radiance surrounds the user. Tattoos also begin to glow. It boosts the user's powers by 30 times. Currently this is the only form Lucifer has achieved. Lucifer's aura and clothes turn shades of Blue and White. It is also noted a blue or gold or even white glowing third eye mark or crescent also appears on Lucifer's forehead as well. In addition to this matching markings appear around his eyes that turn up at the corners. Aside from this, Lucifer's wings gain some shades of blue as well. When he uses Arcane Mode with Acolyte's Gift, Lucifer gains an actual third eye on his forehead and an additional two eyes in the palms of his hands in which his Mystic Eyes will appear in if activated. His two white wings also turn into six like a Seraph's. A bright golden halo will also appear behind his head. He can use both Partial and Full Transformations.

Mystic Eyes of Heaven
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A rare form of Mystic Eyes. These eyes only appear in a select few out of all people and Lucifer is so far the only known user of these eyes. They are the most powerful Mystic Eyes in existence. They are awakened when someone experiences a particular strong set of emotions at once. These eyes give a user Energy Perception to see the energies of the universe in full detail. The user is also given Accelerated Perception, Illusion Awareness, Illusion Manipulation, Enhanced Vision, Pattern Perception, and even Mind Control. As a result it allows them to predict opponents movements, see through obstructions or in total darkness and decipher powers and abilities alongside perceiving Natural and Supernatural energies. It is also possible for the user to analyze anything around them. The user can also use a form of Hypnosis by eye contact and is able to utilize a form of Enhanced Synesthesia for various purposes. But perhaps it's most feared ability is it's ability to see and manipulate The Source, a phenomena which is said to be where existence itself came from and where it goes back to. It permeates within all things in existence in the form of mists, lines, and points called Fronds, Veins, and Radices and if physically touched can be used to create, alter, or even destroy existence itself. If the veins are traced it can break an object along that seam but if a radix is hit the object or being itself is entirely annihilated. Objects and people can be restored as well, if the user traces the fronds where the veins were broken or by touching a radix a new existence is created restoring what was lost. Any energies that go back to the source can in turn be recreated. Radices are seen as heavily concentrated points along these veins and is where such veins and fronds originate from and flow back to. The most dangerous aspect of these eyes' existential manipulation powers is it's capability to erase other beings' powers temporarily. These eyes can be activated or deactivated at will and appear as a fiery multi-color with a distinctive radiant flower-like magical pattern on it. They are nicknamed the Eyes of Providence or the Eyes of Kismet. There is a price when using these eyes and it is that due to the things a user perceives, if they do not have a strong will, they will go completely insane as the perception of infinite existence is often more than most minds can handle. Mystic Eyes are a rare mutation in one's Spirit Circuits within the eyes and brain. They are a hybrid mix between Magic and Psychic Powers. These eyes also contain the memories and wisdom of previous incarnated wielders. Another drawback is they can only restore or revive an existence they themselves had erased. Depending on how much the user's body can take it, self-existential manipulation may only last a few moments with a cool-down time and possibly forcing the eyes to deactivate during that allotted time. Powers like anti-magic can rival the powers of these eyes, same can be said for other Mystic or Pure Eyes. Only under special circumstances can these eyes successfully revive the dead and the chances of those prerequisites being met are very slim. The ability to affect something with the eyes requires the user to actually strike or touch the target, so those physically above the user will easily be able to avoid them with little worry. There are also existences that are hard or impossible to kill due to their nature such as Amortal Beings. Bodhisattvas cannot be killed normally because they are enlightened ones who achieved "becoming extinguished, alive." While it would be possible to see their veins of existence, it would mean deciphering "advanced veins of existence" levels higher than the normal concept of existence. Additionally veins are ever shifting meaning in most cases cutting can be unpredictable but advanced users can temporarily manipulate their positions if touching an origin. Despite this method it is only effective within a three to nine meter radius depending on what is used to trace the Veins and is only effective within thirteen to twenty-one meters when using Acolyte's Gift to boost influence.
Guardian Spirit
Guardian Spirits are the signature ability of Mystic Eyes or Pure Eyes. These are giant avatars made of Mystic Energy that are summoned to protect and assist the caster. Guardian Spirits are a Mystic Eye or Pure Eye user's ultimate defense. Almost nothing can damage or get through them. They are generally humanoid in appearance and can take on many forms and colors. A caster can separate themselves from their Guardian spirit and remotely control them from the outside if needed. Additionally a caster can channel their other abilities through their Guardian Spirit in addition to the weapons and powers a Guardian spirit already has. Guardian spirits can be summoned partially such as an arm or upper body or summon it entirely in a complete body form, the latter tending to have at least one set of wings on it's back for flight. Lucifer's Guardian Spirit resembles a hooded Archangel and is Opalescent Indigo in color with varying hues of Indigo and Violet. If used with both Acolyte's Gift and Arcane Mode activated the number of wings increases to three sets.

Acolyte's Gift
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Acolyte's Gift, also known as the Deitas Anomaly, is a Sorcery Trait that allows a creature with Mystic Energy to use the energies around them in the environment directly essentially giving a caster unlimited Psychic or Magic power. Despite this most people with this Sorcery Trait cannot control it without training in Extrasensory Perception and basic emotional support and as a result can drive young hosts of this gene to the verge of complete insanity. All practitioners that do not possess this ability have to rely on the energy within their own bodies or from the limited energy they siphon from the environment. Anyone with this trait can easily wield many powers and is only found in a select few people in the entire galaxy. It is also a recessive genetic anomaly. What this gene essentially does is allow the caster to use and mold Ambient Mystic Energy outside of their body by passively synchronizing with it and even absorbing it directly, something that normal users of Magic or Psionics cannot do. Out of all the Mystic Energy in a Mage's surrounding environment only between 25% and 33% of it is typically usable. But with this gene all 100% of it is made available to the user. As a result of this power a user also gains heightened awareness and a massive boost in sensory and extrasensory perception essentially allowing the user to perceive their surroundings in slow motion with heightened intuition. Sometimes this trait remains dormant until awakened at an older age. This could be the reason why it isn't seen more often. In these cases, in order to awaken Acolyte's Gift, one has to experience a moment of dread, hopelessness, and despair. However in most cases it will be accessible from birth as is the case with Lucifer. Also just because one gains unlimited Mystic Power doesn't mean they are invincible. Use of the traits given from this gene can stress out and overwhelm the body and if used too much can make the caster fall unconscious and pass out leaving them vulnerable. Whenever Lucifer activates this power, a bright golden halo will also appear behind his head.

Reiki is the art of Manipulating one's Mystic Energies in it's purest state. It is distinct from magic and psionics and can be used in tandem with martial arts and in some cases is an extension of such. Reiki involves Mystic Energies in every form. Most Mages will be well versed in this unique art as it allows them to control their magic better and Espers require this skill to fully develop their Psychic Powers. Reiki is a form of energy manipulation. It does not involve spell casting and only involves manipulating Mystic Energy in it's natural state. Despite this it serves as a foundation to perform magic spells and is the first magical ability granted to those whom gain spiritual awareness. Reiki is also a form of Aura manipulation because Auras are comprised of leaking Mystic Energy. Energies manipulated often involve Astral, Magical, or Azothean Energies. However, only those whom are able to access their Meridian System's Mystic Origin gain access to freely manipulating Azothean Energy. It's effects are 10 to 100 times more powerful than the effects of normal Reiki, making this skill a widely feared and envied ability. There are two energy cycles associated with Reiki in Wu Xing, The Cycle of Creation used in medicinal healing methods and the Cycle of Destruction used in Martial arts and other combat based methods.
One such method is the ability to use the Energy within one's body to counteract an opponent's Energy, thus negating their ability using Reiki. This is a method commonly employed in Internal Martial Arts like Tai Chi and Karate. This method can also be used to break a spell or negate the effects of certain Regalia.
Another method is the ability to entrust one's Energy into a weapon or a part of the body, thus making it strong enough to pierce or break something even normal physical attacks can't damage. This method can also be used to protect oneself from damage as well. This method is often used in combination with Combat.
It can also be used as a form of medical diagnostic test as it allows the user to look inside someone by touching their veins and feeling the flow inside their body. Another interesting thing is that it can be used to either sedate a patient or treat forms of pain and strengthen the immune system to aid in medical treatment.
This method is used to enter Star Conduits without use of a starship, stargate, magic, or psionics. By attuning one's energy to a Ley Line's Vortices using a Merkaba, one can travel between stars, planets, and even other dimensions. This method is a very rare skill and is a highly utilized one by the Starlit Acolytes and their leader, Lucifer Inlustris.
The most common method used in Reiki is combat. This involves energy attacks and defensive maneuvers. This is the method in which is used as a foundation for many combat based magic spells. The potency of attacks depends on the user's level of Mystic Energy. This method is often used in combination with Reinforcement.

Psionics are the manifestation of ESP or Extrasensory Perception which includes the six main extrasensory stimuli, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairalience, and Clairgustance. In order to perform magic ESP is the minimum requirement. Anyone can train their mind in ESP, however some are born more in tune to these powers than others, making them Magical and Psionic prodigies. Unlike magic which uses Mana or Ki, Psionics use Psi. That being said, not all with ESP develop Psychic Powers of significance and a few have developed powers so unique that they are often confused with magic. Those that do develop Psychic Powers are referred to as Espers.
Psychokinesis is a mind-over-matter psionic ability with almost endless applications. It gives the user the ability to manipulate energy and matter with the mind. A user can move objects of various size and mass and can even manipulate both classical and periodic elements. A basic trait of this ability is the use of Psionic Constructs.
The psionic power to teleport. This power uses quantum singularities within Leyspace to instantaneously teleport to a given location from a higher dimensional void. A user can not only teleport people, objects, and themselves but also teleport vectors allowing one to essentially redirect a projectile attack back at the attacker.
Telepathy is a psionic power to mentally communicate with others through thought, emotion, and intent as well as read the minds of others. Advanced users can use this power offensively by overloading an enemy's mind with thoughts and suggestive stimuli to confuse and drive an opponent to madness.
A psionic ability to see into the future. This can be done through various means. The more common methods are often through dreams or visions as well as external stimuli such as a location's or a person's aura. Other uses include the assistance of tarot cards or crystal balls.
A psionic power to see into the past. Psychometry is a notable use of this power. A user can gain information via visions of the past of a person, location, or object simply by seeing or touching.
The psionic power to communicate with otherworldly beings above the physical realm including the deceased souls of the living. Various methods can be used but the most common one is the use of temporary possession, a method used by oracles.
Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is the power to see and perceive far off places inaccessible to or otherwise outside visual range of the user. A most notable trait of this power is known as Astral Projection, a power to project one's Astral body or consciousness in an out of body experience.
Spiritual Healing
A psionic power which allows a user to heal another using manipulation of Auras. A user can do various things from sedation by calming of the mind and healing minor wounds to exorcising Demonic or otherwise harmful energies from the target's soul and healing the soul in the process.

Lucifer is able to perform three of the nine primordial magics. These magics are among the most powerful magics in existence. This is an extremely rare feat as very few are able to use such magics and even fewer can use two of these magics let alone three. As such Lucifer has accomplished a feat almost no one in the known universe can match.
Cosmic Magic
Cosmic Magic is a powerful magic that involves creating and manipulating Cosmic Energies, Celestial Bodies, and other Universal Phenomena including some fundamental forces like gravity. Lucifer is skilled enough in it that he can create and manipulate Antimatter. Most of these spells are cast by forming certain hand gestures. Passive traits gained by learning this magic include Cosmic Awareness, Vacuum Adaption, and Radiation Immunity. It is also often called Celestial Magic.
Nature Magic
Nature Magic is a powerful magic surrounding the creation and manipulation of things pertaining to nature including elements, climates, environments, plants, animals, and weather phenomena. Lucifer claims he can create tsunamis and earthquakes if he wanted to. Nature magic is generally performed using vocalized incantations. Passive traits one gains from learning this magic include Animal Communication, Animal Instincts, Enhanced Senses, and Atmospheric Adaption.
Divine Magic
Divine Magic is a magic surrounding creating and manipulating phenomena relating to the divine. A user of this magic can summon angels or gods, create anti-demonic barriers, perform exorcisms, and even create or use holy artifacts. A lesser common use also involves the use of Divine Elements. It is a magic that uses Telesma, an Azothean Energy formed from high concentrations of Mana. It is also often called Angelic Magic or Sacred Magic. It is cast mainly by chanting prayers or psalms but they don't have to be vocalized. Passive traits of learning this magic include Divinity, Divine Presence, Angel Wing Manifestation, and Illusion Immunity.
Alchemy is a scientific based magic and a skill that almost all Magus possess. It should be noted that at times it is referred more to as a magical skill than a magic in itself. A user can perform transmutations and make elixirs and potions as well as manipulate properties of certain substances. Often the goal of alchemists is to create a Philosopher's Stone or a Universal Panacea.
This is a collective term for skills that do not fall under a certain category and are not classified as Alchemy or Elementalism. They are typically basic mundane spells but can also involve complex rituals. These are the first skills practiced by mages and still used as exercise in magic training. Even after learning advanced magics mages still hone their skills with this form to avoid becoming sloppy and weakening over time. This skill is important because it is the basis of learning any and all magic.
Elementalism is basic spellwork used to manipulate elements. It is taught alongside Alchemy and Witchcraft and is also one of the three fundamentals of learning any advanced magic. Elementalism can be combined with other magics to achieve varying effects in battle or otherwise. A person can also mix several elements to get a desired effect such as an explosion. However, if a user specializes in one element or a dual element it automatically becomes a Categorized Magic.


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The Meridian System is a complex circulatory system of Mystic Energy. It is comprised of Spirit Circuits or Meridians that interconnect with all Pressure Points within the body including the main Seven Chakras. Pressure points are swirling culminations of Mystic Energy within the body and if disrupted can cause serious harm. This system is essential to the production of Psi, Ki, and Mana as well as Jing and Telesma within the body and cannot normally be seen by the unaided eye.

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