The Sin

What is good if there is no evil?
What is evil if there is no good?
So, can you really call yourself an Angel if there's no opposing Devil?

If GOD didn't want to create Hell,
Why did he cast me from Heaven if he didn't want some sort of amusement?
Was it because I questioned him?
No, I'm not the only one.

If God intended to have a perfect, peaceful and sin-free world,
If he really made us in his image,
Then why is Humanity so [********] up?
Is he really just a sadistic power,
Putting people into danger,
For his own selfish, greedy pleasure?

I believe in God. Don't worry.
I just believe that he's the evil one.
So in saying this, can Devils really be all that evil, we are just outcasts.

Just something to think about.
Tell me about questioning that got you thinking about you Religion?