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The Dawn Tiger

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Warriors heart and a beasts mind

Derived from the soul of a devine tiger Luca returns to the world of man as a child of only six years of age. He talks slim to none but remains to be a happy go lucky indavidual. His brother Hyro is forever locked away in the body of Kenzo as was Luca until part of his spirit was allowed to flow freely. Luca remains to be a grand hand to hand combatant whos small size of three feet and muscle mass allow him to be a very nimble, agile and strong indavidual who is highly underestamated.

Being one who hardly talks, a lot of the time he speaks with his fists for his mentality is like that of an alpha male in a pack or den as it were. If threatend he is willing to meet the challange head on for this is his head strong nature. Even when beaten Luca is not one to give up regardless, as long as he may stand he will continue to fight even when his struggle is proven usless.

Recaptured by the one Known as Kenzo and his soldiers Luca had been chained and tormented in the art of pain as his body was forced to age through a unieque use of sourcery. Luca now remains a fighter of about five feet and has become the age of sixteen. With age came an increased amount of strength thus he has broken free of his bonds but his honor has been stripped of him and he plans to earn it back.

Through sevier training he enhances his speed and strength daily to become stronger than the day before. He is slowly becoming the renouned martial artist he was supposed to be even though he would forever remain young. Luca is a rarely serious indavidual and treats his life like that of a game which makes it easier for him. But when blinded by rage and seriousness his true colors are shown and the divine beast within reawakens.

"I have been an outlet for punishment, I have been a puppet and I have been a slave but no longer shall this be. Those who wish to control me or be rid of me know that I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. For as long as my will is my own I can not be beaten......for as long as I still stand I can not fall.....and for as long as I am remembered ...I can never... truly...die"



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Keyenai Kimara Report | 03/30/2011 9:50 pm
Keyenai Kimara
"I would say 'I suppose we are even, then,' but that would be rather crude and sad of me to dismiss in such a way. Not at all a standard of mine. I have missed you terribly..."
Keyenai Kimara Report | 02/23/2011 10:41 am
Keyenai Kimara
Dear young one, well...You are much older now, I am sure... I have not been around enough to ruffle your hair up... I have not been around enough for you...
Mitsukumuro0 Report | 03/02/2010 8:47 pm
whee <3 for mai brother
Mitsukumuro0 Report | 03/02/2010 5:01 pm
=o LUCA! *tackles n hugs* you want a gift?
Mitsukumuro0 Report | 02/24/2010 9:35 am
><!!!!!!! happy belated birthday
The Immortal Zen Report | 11/29/2009 6:57 pm
The Immortal Zen
"Vengence is not a valid reason for your down fall brother...but I will settle for the claim to your honor as you and our brother took from me"
Mitsukumuro0 Report | 11/17/2009 5:35 pm
-pet pet-... have you visited Kurisu's page lately?
Aine The Heavenly Whisper Report | 10/03/2009 2:54 pm
Aine The Heavenly Whisper
She giggled slightly, her cheeks rosy. "I guess? Ive grown up quite abit..."
Aine The Heavenly Whisper Report | 10/03/2009 2:11 pm
Aine The Heavenly Whisper
She giggled. "I might like being bit." She teased.
Aine The Heavenly Whisper Report | 10/03/2009 7:02 am
Aine The Heavenly Whisper
"Kitty ears!" She squealed, pulling gently at them. "So cute!"