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Live. Laugh. Love.
lifes too short for drama

Well, let's see. I'm Riley Jacobson. I'm not the kind of person to ignore anybody, so if I don't talk, it's because I'm seriously not there. Or dead. Whatever. I'm loud, and don't generally give an eff about what people think of me. I wear the clothes that I feel most comfortable in, random t-shirts and skinny jeans. If I get insulted for what I look like, for example, "Omfg, you're ugly." It really doesn't affect me. I get told more regularly that I'm pretty than I get told that I'm ugly, or weird, so those sort of low, troll-type insults don't get to me. I'm a pretty good person to talk to, if anybody ever needs anyone, since I can keep things private. But after all of that, I'm a loudmouth, a drama queen, and am probably one of the only people that a lot of people trust. I love singing, even though I'm not very good at it. I like to dance randomly around my room, even though I'm an /awful/ dancer.I know how to laugh at myself when I do dumbass things.Huh. What else? ...Oh yes. I'm a grammar nazi. So If you're going to tork lyk3 diz...GTFO. It's not hot, and it's difficult for my brain to process. If you're going to even /try/ to piss me off, at least learn how to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.I like: buying clothes; fast food in general; haircuts; make-up; vintage-style photographs; anime; music; walls covered in posters and photos... pretty much everything!I dislike: Racism - that's seriously not cool.; people who do not stop moaning!; When people boast about their boyfriends/girlfriends; cheaters; old music; teachers; school in general; math; people who put themselves down Life's too short to be all mopey. ;3


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