My name is LOry, it's been about 2-3 years I've been in gaia. I've been very succesful durring this time and had alot fun! Here are a few things you should know about me...

~ I love to draw anime but I will not call my self the best.
~ I can't live without my music and do not bother me when I'm listining to music! wink
~ my favorit kind of music is techno; Screamo; Pop; Rock; Alternative.
~ I am also in love with video games.
~ my favorit video games are The Legand Of Zelda; all the marios [almost all] XD; and I must get Final Fantasy and Assasins Creed!
~ I HATE pink, and DO NOT catagorise me as a Girly Girl; prep; etc.
~ I am extremely nice if you get to know me. Don't be afraid to come talk to me or PM, but I am warning you, you do not want to get on my black list.
~ Do not beg me for gold or idems because it wont work. If you talk to me and "be friend" with me and I like you, maybe. > >
~ I'm 14 and live on planet earth.
~ my spelling and grammar pretty bad so tell me if I made a spelling/grammar mistake. ;D


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its me smile

LORYS-JORNAL///>.O~~~1231267_lol_my.jornal* smile

hi, i'm lory :D.....and i LOVE gaia ;) ya soo......i like animals, anime, drawing, tv, computer, the colour white and purple, shopping.....and i hate pink, spiders, bugs, pink, cartoons (well not all cartoons), pink, pink, pink, pink (yes i really ha


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just so you know, you wrote "item" wrong
on your profile page lowwy! blaugh you wrote
"idem" instead. lol! but thats why i love you heart
Kitty Rawr 47

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Kitty Rawr 47

come to skinmate liana banda 's room to eat pudding biggrin
vie en ROSE

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vie en ROSE

cool avi
Real DevilNinja

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Real DevilNinja

Haha thanx, I like ur avi and profile... x)
Real DevilNinja

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Real DevilNinja

Hi! I know im random but I like ur profile biggrin
Tits or GFTO

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Tits or GFTO

xDDD point proven
Tits or GFTO

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Tits or GFTO

xDD havent changed have u xP
Tits or GFTO

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Tits or GFTO

O_O omg happy b-day gosh how can i 4get somethiing like that crying
Kitty Rawr 47

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Kitty Rawr 47

Kitty Rawr 47

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Kitty Rawr 47

yeahh nice outfit anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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