Hey. I'm Leah Shanice. I'm a Pocola High School graduate, class of 2010. I am currently single and I love to Roleplay. I'm currently in a great roleplay with awesome people. I'm best best best best BEST friends with Invader Samm. She's my best friend even though she's only 16 I trust her with everything. I work as a tattoo artist and I have extremely shitty hours. I'm currently happy with my life-ish.

How many times do I have to say it?! I'm not interested in guys. Yeah. Technically, I'm bisexual. But I mainly have a "thing" for women. ;3

More about highschool:
Let's see. I was one of the biggest trouble makers. I loved ruining the substitutes. I was in Yearbook, Band, Choir, Orchestra, and the likes. I marched as a Bass Clarinet, played as an Tenor Saxophone player during concert season, rocked out on the Cello, sang a mean Soprano II / Alto I, and made all the little girls cry with my amazing cooking.
Yeah, I went to Vo-Tech. Went for culinary arts. Didn't end up as a chef, though, did I?

Ha! I use too many smileys when typing for my own damn good. I <3 to text and I <3 my job. I currently live in a place called Sunset Estates and it's a beautiful neighborhood with awesome people. Most of which are younger or older than me, but oh well. I get along with people just fine!(sometimes)

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Probably important stuff, maybe stupid stuff. I dunno.



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- sausage monster -

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- sausage monster -

thanks for buying emotion_yatta

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Huzaah to that!
I'm a little too obsessed with pokemon, though...
Like... I didn't think that was possible until I looked at my life one day...

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AMAGASH Niiiice.
I <3 me some NxWhite.<3
I have like sooooo many pics of them together on my PC. c:

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Ha! I know what you mean.
I actually am waiting for confirmation in a third RP, but she hasn't even got online since I sent it...
But anyway
Yeah I'm in two.

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Just waiting for a response in any RP of mine...
:/ Ugh.

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Did you like it? :3
I thought since you're new, I'd help you out some.


[b:6d2f8af36a]Name:[/b:6d2f8af36a] [i:6d2f8af36a]Shaneezy. (Leah Shanice)[/i:6d2f8af36a]
[b:6d2f8af36a]Age:[/b:6d2f8af36a] [i:6d2f8af36a]19, 20 as of September 11th[/i:6d2f8af36a]
[b:6d2f8af36a]Love:[/b:6d2f8af36a] [i:6d2f8af36a]Canadians<3 (psst. Canadian Bacon too<3 )[/i:6d2f8af36a]
[b:6d2f8af36a]Obsession:[/b:6d2f8af36a] [i:6d2f8af36a]Star Wars.[/i:6d2f8af36a][/color:6d2f8af36a]

[b:6d2f8af36a]I love my haters. They're my biggest fans. They make me famous.[/b:6d2f8af36a][/color:6d2f8af36a][/size:6d2f8af36a]