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Me?...Im an normal girl whos sister thinks im retarded!:[ Well you know thats how sisters are well my first and best friend is Jill!:] she is sleeping over today!But today is actuly today but tomarro will be today but...lemmy just say shes sleeping over June 20,2009:] my sisters watching one missed call...2...dun dun dun and the girl just got killed in da shower...I say BONE BREAKING!:] lol my sister said no one in this world can do that...ewww it waz discusting...:[ So...Im nine I like this name one should know my real name no my real name is not Rochelle!:] Nobody but my sis and mom knows it.:] Im so excited as i said before Jill is sleeping over she lives in Santa Clara...FAR! @.@ XD ^-^ well this might seem boring but...I know how to play When You Wish Upon A Star on the computer is touch screan...hahahha jelous...?!!?!??!?!?!?!?! Well I have nothing to say now but...IDK So who ever is reading this you cannot stop my name is Rose I will be sitting next to you on your bed at 1:00 am today if you do not tell 13 people to read this but I dont have to because im the one writing this so I will come there to your house today and sit next to you!...hahahah got a text saying that so I bet if your still reading this your eyes arent hurting,your not tired,or you ENJOY my life well I think this is to long but illl tourchure you!:] So I love LIPGLOSS as you see in the picture above or below I have lipgloss every day I put it on.:] As you can see I love making random faces:]. So...One Missed Call 2 is not that scary I just got a call from Jan and Jill so that must mean there almost here!:] So I waz about to say funny not scary but I exited it...My sister just jumped and the house kinda felt like it moved...hahahhaha well Jill just came so if your still reading this WOW!:] Jill and my older sis is sleeping!I wanna pull a prank on dem!XD So...OMG OMG OMG I hear two of my favortie songs!BoomBoomPow from Black Eyed Peas!Um...Bring me to life from Evanessans...IDK how to spell dat!