So, somewhere along the way, I've completely dropped my real name and go near exclusively by Keys. Which is completely fine by me. Real name is too long anyway.
I'm a Gamer Girl, and extremely proud of this fact. I like a lot of different types: FPS's, RTS's, RPG's; RPG's being my favorite. I'm even into table tops (D and D anyone?). Basically, I just don't like sports games. The game currently ranked as my all time favorite is Dragon Age: Origins. And I'm an Alistair fan girl. Seriously, guys should start taking notes about how to act from that character.
I'm also a huge nerd, and just as proud to be called so. I like Firefly, Doctor Who, comic books, anything not really considered cool. I was on my High School's Robotics team, and am currently majoring in Molecular Genetics. I like to be in a lab, and would like to focus on finding cures for diseases after I graduate.
I'm a book worm. And i'm not one of those, put off finishing a book to make it last types of book worms, either. I devour a story, and then complain endlessly when I finish it and am left with nothing to do. Juliet Marillier is a personal favorite, and I tend to lean towards fantasy and sci-fi. Things that take me far away from everyday life.
Basically, I'm a plot junkie. Give me something with a rich plot and characters that I can sink my teeth into, and I'm there.
But actually, not really. I'll take it and ignore you while I obsess over it. My friends have had to learn the hard way that when I'm reading or playing Video Games and am really into it, I'm not gonna hear a word you say. So I apologize in advance for that.
I like quotes. When I find one line that can sum up everything I'm feeling, it's a good day.
Or if it just makes me laugh. I like to do that a lot too. It's actually way too easy for me. I laugh at just about everything.
I adore music. My favorite genre would probably be Alternative Rock. I like acoustic songs. But I also like some metal, industrial, techno- my biggest thing is being able to hear the lyrics. They're my favorite parts of a song. Linked to my love of quotes. My all time favorite band is Sick Puppies, but some others that have held the title are Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Godsmack- stuff like that. I have a few guilty pleasures, but I mostly stick to my genres.
College (specifically one of my suitemates) has opened my eyes to Broadway. So, I like that too.
I like dolls. BJDs (Ball-Jointed Dolls) to be specific. I currently have six, plus one that is not quite whole yet. They are expensive, and I blow way too much money on them, but I adore them.
I have an obsessive personality. Not quite stalkerish, but once I like something, I really like it. Sort of like a flame: bright, intense, and burns out sort of quickly. I go thru phases a lot. And my moods are like cycles, though certain people can go against them.
I'm a disney girl, and thus I cherish my happy endings.
I love to write, but I can recognize that it isn't exactly well. I don't show anyone what I write because of this.
My friends are amazing. I know that I'm blessed to have them in my life, and I can't imagine why they put up with me, but they do, and for that I am eternally grateful.


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I likes your avi she looks purdy ^^

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Your avi looks awesome and I miss you!
Imagined Reality

Report | 08/18/2010 12:12 pm

Imagined Reality

Dear Keyrsten,
I love you. I can't wait to have many orgies of various orientations with you.
Love, your whisking partner,

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The happy shadow also thinks that your avi looks awesome.

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NINJA POKE!!!! *runs away laughing*

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Well I have AC but it was friggin hot because my room is upstairs and yeah it sucks sometimes.

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pssssssst.....its friggin hot. Just thought you should know/

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This is good news. Cause me and my friend Jewels Dragonwing (along with Imagined Reality) are starting up an HP guild of awesome and we need good RPers once its done ^_^ And messa thinks you would be a good candidate.

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Mmmmm, you find one, I want copies please ^_^

Hey is you an HP dork?

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Altair = Sex.

I was wondering what item is the horse in your avi cause its bamf and I may have to get one.


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