My name is amber not even close to being emo or preppy i love all my friends i smoke weed its the best s**t i live the best i can hate s**t talkers and drama i got kicked out of redding and live in whit more ******** this stupid little town lols and yeah if you want to know anything else message me :)

my the names amber i like to have fun.i walk where i want i love hanging with friends at the mall or movies.i have lots of friends like Steviee,Nikkiee,destiny,Kaye,Sara,Leah, Katie,Dayshanay,Kelcie,Emily ,Paige,Dakota,Erik,Alex,Jesus,Jayce,James,Brett, and loud out going and emo i cut myself and stuff and i have a depressing life =.[.i dont have a boyfriend and so not getting one from this site im done talking want to know anything else message me