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      ♥crackers with cheese
      ♥sour cream n onion chips
      ♥fruit cakes
      ♥clouds(especially cirrostratus)
      ♥manga(no longer have time to read them ~~>﹏<~~)
      ♥building models
      ♥doing worksheets (I feel accomplished when I'm done)
      ♥flying (getting license soon)
      ♥rope climbing
      ♥blue(light blue<<<<< wink
      ♥touch screens
      ♥sweet juices

      being lazy×

      Thank yoU!

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      heart ll son zack ll heart

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    GAIA life!


    the life in Gaia



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    Same, hope everything goes well in your live and good luck with everything, cheers!

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    I just log in once in a while to comment friends I made here and stuff, but yeah most people have moved on already sweatdrop

    Good to know life is good though!

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    Helloooo trasure hunter, hows life?
    Mother Birthday

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    Mother Birthday

    User Image 06-29-16

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    Happy Bday lovelylight~! :3
    Mother Birthday

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    Mother Birthday

    User Image06-29-15

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          ♥*seems stalkerish
          thank you for having an avimation in your sig, it makes me feel like people still appreciate them ♥
    Damn Zombies

    Report | 01/01/2014 11:23 pm

    Damn Zombies

    I love your profile! (I saw you visited mine so I thought I'd stop by.)
    Left Bird

    Report | 08/16/2013 10:40 pm

    Left Bird

    Oh my gosh. *rolls around* rofl So, right after you posted your comment to me, all the graphics on my profile went down due to hitting a limit on bandwidth from Photobucket. All the hits from the profile shop, I'm sure, is what finally did it after 5 years. So I spent all day freaking out. And now I'm laughing, because I just re-looked at your profile, and it's also all broken. I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. It gets the best of us, that darn bandwidth. ^_~

    Actually, I would have added a transition, but for some reason it'll fade in but not out. So for instance, a user hovers over "Gallery" and it fades in. Then, still on "Gallery" they mouse over to "Info." Now suddenly it pops back to the un-hovered "About" and fades "info" in instead of fading Gallery out first. My understanding is that transitions should reverse and fade out and I can't figure out why it won't. Maybe something to do with inheritance in li elements or maybe there's just no support for transitions overtop of each other (I just found earlier that I can't animate an animated gif). >_> Anyway, I took off the transition instead of deal with the glitchiness.

    So I really like how your sections fit snug against the moon, curving to fit. And the gradient coloring. If I remember right, the only thing I noticed was that the profile was designed to fit a certain screen height (my same height in fact, it looks like), but if you zoom out to a normal desktop's height, the bottom just seems to cut off. I kept thinking it would look cool if it faded to uniform slate-blue like the city disappeared into the fog. whee Which would solve the sudden-cut-off-mid-screen. I'd say more, but I can't see it to remember.
    The Hug Dealer

    Report | 07/13/2013 12:08 am

    The Hug Dealer

    I saw you on my recent visitors ~ Lovely profile.