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This is my about me, so here's a little bit about me (:
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Hey people my name is Felicia and I'm really cute funny nice athletic talented ect. I can seem perfect but i have flaws. I have auburn brown hair and chocolate color eyes that change shades depending on my mood. I'm fifteen but soon turning sixteen (geezes im old) I live in the sunny bipolar state of Florida. We just went through a stupid hurricane!! Yay for gayy Florida!! Haha, but nah its cool to hang out at the beach and hit it up at theme parks whenever i want. I suppose complaining would make me sound like a spoiled b i t c h. xD

I love to laugh and joke around with my friends. Im quite random and can be ridiculous sometimes but you'll never get bored with me. I'm very generous and love to help people but i have trust issues. Blame my crazy old back stabbing friends and ex boyfriends for that one. If you ever need anything you can depend on me though. That one is a given. ^^


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~ Random Facts ~

* Like i said i have auburn hair with natural highlights (why be fake)

* I play soccer and im an awesome offenseive player. I kinda suck at defense but i make an ok goalie. I love the game and you acn tell if you watch me play (i play for my school)

* I'm starting kick boxing and dance this year

* My favorite animals are dogs, horses, and dolphins

* My favorite color right now is GREEN (lime green preferably) but it changes every once and a while so keep updated lol

* I dont watch t.v but i love movies. Especially comedy, sometimes horror if im with my friends.

* I love the beach and i like to surf. Im not great at it but i like it. (:

* I love arcades! They are amazing. And so are carnivals and theme parks. Im such a kid at heart <3 Stuffed animals ROCK

* You will never find another girl exactly like me.

Things I love

♥ Making faces in the mirror
♥ Random Dancing
♥ Singing in the shower
♥ Random notes in class
♥ Hugs from people
♥ Time with my boyfriend
♥ Surprise presents
♥ Pinky rings & Pinky promises

Things I hate

♦ Being disappointed
♦ Answering machines
♦ Being alone
♦ Being scared
♦ Doctors and Hospitals
♦ Shots and medicine
♦ Going down stairs
♦ Snakes and bugs

If you want to know more about me all you have to do is send me a friend request or random pm. (: I don't donate to random people unless I am hosting a giveaway so PLEASE stop commenting me for gold. And if you wish to buy something ask me over pm cause i usually just sell in the market. Plz && Ty

Only thing i ask: Dont piss me off, thankies
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My boyfriend <33 T Y L E R

♥«´¨`•Tyler && Felicia °•´¨`»♥

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How do i put these in simple terms?? Well..I love him ^^
He's the most amazing guy. Kind of off beat but thats how i like 'em. He's very sweet, funny, weird, and even romantic at times. Ok, so he messes up sometimes but if any girl expects their guy to be perfect they are c r a z y. I love him and his faults. Of course my trust issues get in the way sometimes but he's so amazing and puts up with my stubborness. Let's see: he skateboards, surfs, burps like a chick, and makes me laugh my butt off. I can't live without him. He seriously means everything to me and he makes me happy. Thats all you need to know ;D

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He's mine and no one elses!!
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My Gaia Account L O V E L Y A R T I S T

Well I've been on gaia for about two years now. Possible going on three...I've lost count really. I've made many friends and a few enemies. I've had good times, bad times, and just all around weird times. I'm not too obsessive over the game but i guess i could be considered well rounded here. I have a lot of gold and like to help people out when possible. I started my account when a friend of mine told me about it. I started out fresh just like most of you, and i know its hard to get on your feet. But trust me: hang in there. It gets better. <33 I was lucky enough that my boyfriends in real life happened to already have gaia accounts so that was very lucky. I dont plan on quitting gaia anytime soon but i am getting rather weary of it. However all in all its been a fun experience and i plan on continuing my friendships.

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I like to write songs. (:
Check out these two i recently wrote.

*Glass Half Empty*

You brought light into these lifeless eyes
You made this angel fall from the skies
Who knew that love would be my demise

Can you hear my heart breaking?
Ignore the pleas im making?

I cant remember life without shadows
Cant remember sun beyond that window
Crescent moon lights my blackened sky
Because my glass was half empty before i met you...

* The Past *

I can only play back all the memories
Like they werent even in the past at all
From holding hands and gazing eyes
To the beginning last fall.

The auntumn breeze
And winter freeze
Did nothing against our warm love.

You're the one i was born to be with
You're the one i always miss
If only i could turn back the clock...

I'd say that you're the only one
I'd say that you're my shining sun
I couldnt live a day without your touch
Before you i never smiled this much
Cant see you with anyone else
When im with you my heart melts

Baby I will never let you go.

(: I am going to post more lyrics in my journal. So if you wanna, go ahead and check 'em out.

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Here's my latest lyric (:

Second chances
Second glances
Sometimes we regret the choices we made

But there's no turning back time now
There's no way to turn this around (right now or tomorrow)
You're nothing but a memory (fading, just fading)
Just something that used to be
And now i finally know it's time to say goodbye (bye bye baby)

I found my way through the darkness
I found i just stopped believing your words (cold, heartless words)
There's nothing left of what we had
All that's left is the hurt (and the fading feelings)
I had begged you to stay (just one more chance)
I had given you my heart (and everything i had)
But everything we were
Was just a lie from the start (its over)
It's finally time to say goodbye (bye bye baby)

Challenged by the fear
Of loving someone else (who is there to love?)
All that i hold dear
is so vulnerable it seems (so out of reach now)
It's hard to feel the sunshine with that bitter winter breeze

But soon will come the spring (soon will come...)
Soon will come the spring (soon will come...) x4

(C) And im putting this behind me...finally...

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I would like to put a special thanks to my little brother. He has been there for me a lot in this game and generally in real life. He has the biggest heart and I really appreciate him even if he doesnt know it. Most of what I have comes from him. I dont have to watch my back too often because he's always got it. Kevin is the best baby brother i could ask for. Look him up (Ironchibi). He is a cool kid. Trust me.

I would also like to send shoutouts to a few of my gaia friends ^^
Doogle- You are an amazing person and i swear gaia has been just that much more fun with you around. (im still calling u doogle btw)
Sam2Yoshi- Brianna, your just all around sweet and cool. The perfect mix asian like me ;D What would i do without ya hun?
Hellfest- Ty for sticking up for me with the Nick situation. You were a true friend ty so much!!

And everyone else who has made my time on gaia awesome ^^

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Avi Art (:

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~♥~Take a look inside my heart~♥~

Not always the brightest place. All about the things i'm feeling or wondering. I may be very confusing at times. My heart is always torn in two directions. I always contradict myself. Love me or hate me. This is me.



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If you still use Gaia, Hit me up^_^
_Rainbow Lacey_

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_Rainbow Lacey_

Thanks for buying "Performance Rod" !

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Hi granma!

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Hi! smile

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Heya, long time no talk? razz
Boogie Feet

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Boogie Feet

Hello Felicia!
Sorry I don't come on here very often.
If you still want to talk all my social networking links are on my page and this is my msn.

How are you? (:

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~Random Comment~ I'd love something if you are leaving Gaia. ;]
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Lemon Droppings

You're pretty! 4laugh
your extraordinary mind

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your extraordinary mind

i like your avi (:
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Nurse Ro-Ro

Hi I know I sound like a stupid begger but I got hacked on my account Nurse Rory Chan and the hacker stole my KiKi and sexy present TTwTT Could you please donate me something, like a longcat or masterpices? I would really appreciate it >.< Thank you..^_^


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