About me..... Here's how i feel, i regret making friends who only think about their friends they make on the web instead of the ones who made them who they are today. I regret falling for people who didn't love someone truly. And i regret having thought i loved. I have been one of those people who have tried to commit suicide and who have cut. Ive overdosed and ended up in the hospital, Making the people i love cry.

I don't want to lie anymore. Truth is, i don't like how my friends think of people they meet off of the internet as their bestfriend or family until they meet in real life. Not on the phone. And also, If you love someone, Why ask for dirty pictures of others? - Another thing, Gay isn't something you can throw around. Saying " Thats gay," Is really irritable. Some men are gay, but actions are not suppose to be considered gay, neither are pictures.

Besides that, I want the world to not look on the outside of people, Feelings matter more than anything. You should care about the people who are most important and needed in your life. Thats how i think. And thats how i feel.

Thank you. Bye