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All You Need To Know About Me...
Name: *Censored*
NickName: Tsuki, Pop, Anime, that person over there, etc...
Age: *Censored*
Location: Where you're not

Okay, here's the story. If you're reading this then you must be some stalker/pervert/***** or just really bored/curious. I'm schizophrenic. Yes. I am mentally crazy. I hear voices in my head and see/feel/hear things that are not there. But that is not the only thing about me, mostly cuz those voices are MEAN : <
Anyways, I'm a visual artist. I can't guarantee I'm GREAT. Cuz a lot of people say I draw pretty, but I don't usually ever finalize it. So the drawings are okay, and they mostly looks like sketches. My favorite animal EVER is a peacock, yes I love a peacock with lots of colors when I myself am colorless. But I guess that's why I love that animal because I myself am jealous...
Oh well. I've never fallen in love and I kind of wish I could stay this way. I have nothing really against love, but I think it's a waste of time right now. Since I'm too busy!
I don't love Anime/Manga anymore, but I am interested in it a few times. If you ask me about them, I'd immediately respond cuz it's interesting. Cuz no matter what, most of the times I act 5 years old, when I am *censored* years old. So yeah... I usually act younger... I blame Schizophrenia!!!
Anyways, I would bore you with my life story, but I dunn feel like it. If ya wanna know ANYTHING about me, ask me. But I might not answer.
Oh! BTW I'm a writer/poet as well. You might see my work published one day, if I don't get lazy ;D

That's it. And if you read all that, then I'll just *Back off slowly*

<3 Loves to all of my friends and family, but mostly myself

People say it's easy to forgive others, but it's hard to forgive myself

My motto: Forgive yourself before others.


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x-EternalAlice-x Report | 06/14/2010 7:57 pm
Happy Bithday Tsuki! <3
13skye13 Report | 04/17/2010 2:16 pm
Okay sorry for the long wait but how about sigma.sound like a good name to you.
13skye13 Report | 04/06/2010 8:08 am
Allright.Give me a few day though.Ill have to think on thish.I dont want to come up with a name somebody already thought of.Its gotta be original.
13skye13 Report | 04/05/2010 8:10 pm
Holy cow your smart.Good thing Iam on your side.XD So have you decieded on a name for our badass organization?
13skye13 Report | 04/03/2010 7:39 pm
personally I would rather there be no religion.Cause lets face it,what ever you think is most likly right.As for the ruler thing.Id get my most trustworthy subject and have him oppose me.Let him or her gather up the people who dont rule under you.And then when they think they have the means to take you out......crush them.Or enslave them.Or use the hypno machine.Il leave that to you.Your the boss after all.Oh and your probably right about the robo army.Whats your take on genetacly enhanced super animals?
13skye13 Report | 04/02/2010 8:35 pm
HMM.Forceing the to trust you through hpnotism.....I like it smile You cant have a evil plan for world domination with out these three componants.A giant butt kicking robot army,one bad a** fortress,and last but most popular,A REALLY complicated hypnotizing machine.
13skye13 Report | 04/02/2010 8:03 am
getting everybodys trust is going to be harder than it sounds.Mainly because we live in a I trust no one world today.Kinda sad really.But who could really blame them?Its a dog eat dog world out there.Everybody is just trying to get survive I guess.Man I hate it when I start preching like this.Makes me sound old.Or a fortune cookie.Oh and todays lucky numbers are.07,13,06 and 21.XD
13skye13 Report | 04/01/2010 2:41 pm
Well murder is bad.I think that goes without saying.How about hunting?We do it to deer.And thats just to thin out enough numbers for them to have enough food to eat and survive.But I think that might be justifiyng it.Oh and I think you might make a fine ruler of the world.
13skye13 Report | 03/21/2010 7:46 am
yeah but what would you consider ato be a huge crime?
13skye13 Report | 03/20/2010 9:08 am
good making an example on the criminal.


Life is just a creation of your mind. Nothing exists if you don't believe it exists. Believe in me, and I'll exist. If you don't I'll believe that you'll be shot out of a cannon.

Cute, right?
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