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NEVER give me too much SUGAR!
name: you can call me Ai, Ai-chan, or Ai-hime (no, tis not my real name)
age: 16
school: _._._. independent study (similar to home school)


Be my friend...please?
I want LOTS!
I heart Detective Conan/Case Closed


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Ran 1 Report | 11/21/2008 10:51 pm
Ran 1
hai!! where are you!!?
are you ok???
Ran 1 Report | 11/10/2008 5:03 am
Ran 1
you have seen the movie too!!@#$@#?

where you saw it!!?
Ran 1 Report | 11/07/2008 4:45 am
Ran 1
yeah! it's great!
I heard about movie 13 with title "The Jet Black Chaser"
but i got something before,
movie 13 of detective conan is "Full Score of fear"

can you give me some answer?
JuilianFai Report | 11/06/2008 4:53 pm
No you're not bothering me at all!!
Oh I can't belive I forgot Sirius!! HE'S my favorite! I cry like a little girl everytime I read the end of Order of the Phoenix! I guess you can tell I haven't read the HPs in a while..all of my time now [away from my computer] is spent reading Twilight! I've read through the entire HP series 4 times through, OOTP though I've read 6 times. Twilight I've read through 6 times, and all since the week Breaking Dawn was released. I didn't get into the series until after there was a really big fanbase, so I'm afraid I'm not terribly original, but I'm pretty die hard now [..."twihard"? LOL].
I'm super excited to see the movie, though just a little bit let down after seeing the 8 minute leaked portion from the Roma Premire. I'm pretty good about enjoying a movie for a movie and the book for a book [I like the HP movies a lot even though they don't exactly match up with the books] but if nothing else I can spend the entire 2 hours swooning over Rob and Kristen. <3 overall favorite manga/anime has to be Sailor Moon. I have both the original manga [with their posters still attached] and all the revised ones plus the two short story editions, and I have all 200 episodes of the anime, as well as the three movies on VHS and DVD. ..can you say DORK?? lol I'm still upset that Sailor Starts hasn't been released on DVD, but I have it on a data DVD so either way I can still watch them. I guess I'm particularily attached to Sailor Moon because I watched it on Japanese television growing up, and when I came here to the US I found it was popular over here too [though the dubbed version is just AWFUL!] I just felt like, 'it followed me! <3' and I was really grateful to have a bit of home with me.

Yeah, we're a manga family, between my mom and I we must have several hundred manga..which really isn't impressive compared to the average Japanese person, but it's impressive to a lot of people here, they always oggle at our bookshelves when they come over to our house :laughs: Needless to say we always have something to talk about, our tastes are rather similar.
blazed_dude111 Report | 11/06/2008 4:49 pm
well nice thank you. i like the anime too but hear u say that im glad. some people say it stinks. why dont we be friends. don';t u mind, maybe u could be my gf if you dont mind. jk.
JuilianFai Report | 11/06/2008 3:52 pm
LOL, I love most all of the Ghibli movies, they're like Disney movies to me, I've watched them all growing up! I think Howl's Moving Castle and Mimi o Sumaseba [think it's called Whisper of the Heart here in America] are an even split for my favorite. They're very polar opposites of each other, aren't they!?

I ABSOLUTELY love Twilight and Harry Potter..I think Rosalie is one of my favorite characters from Twilight, I kind of understand her position so I can't help but like her! I also like Snape a lot from the HP series.. ..can you tell I like the highly misunderstood characters the most? :laughs:

What else did you ask for?
Detective Conan! I know the series is old as hell, but I'm still watching the episodes, and sadly am only on episode 102. My friend's younger sister has all the released issues of Conan, can you believe it's STILL turning out new mangas every few months?? I think she has well over 300 manga just from Conan!
Although I do like anime, I'm a fan of oldschool ones, things I grew up with, like Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth. I do however like some of the newer ones, Nodame Cantabile is another favorite of mine. My mother was actually the one to turn me on to that series, I borrow her manga all the time to read it! I also like pretty much everything CLAMP releases, especially xxxHOLiC and Kobato. A lot of the ideas incorporated in xxxHOLiC are things from the Shinto religion [which I am, my grandfather is a Shinto priest] and deeply rooted Japanese beliefs, so it's really refreshing to read something that's not very sex or violence driven [not that I don't enjoy those, have you read/seen Death Note??]. that waaay too much information for you? lol. I like to be thorough when answering people's questions <3 <3
Tsuna27 Report | 11/02/2008 4:32 pm
mine is, katekyo hitman reborn and my fav. character is Tsuna
Tsuna27 Report | 11/02/2008 12:36 pm
or who's ur fav charcter in an anime
Tsuna27 Report | 11/02/2008 12:36 pm
what's ur favorite anime
moira_ruler_of_worlds Report | 11/02/2008 1:11 am


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