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Birthday: 08/05

this is me

So this is my biggrin

i like to play game's i love to read. i have many thing's.. from harry potter to twilight. yes that's right i am a twilight fan. but i still have an open mind about it. do to the fact that is vary different. and i like things that are different. why you ask? well because i am different in many a ways.

i love to color my hair, bright bold colors. my fave color is blue, black and silver. i'm an open book so feel free to ask anything. just remember if you ask something that you are not ready for then be four warned now. i don't have a filter like most do.

i am normally a happy go lucky kind of person but i do fight with depression on a day to day bases. i used to be a cutter. i almost died in 2011. if you want to know then ask. and like most people that tend to find god when something like that happens. i did not. i was baptized as a Catholic when i was a baby, and pretty much raised as a pagan.

i am going through a divorce, and in love with my loving caring boyfriend. who is by far one of the most important person in my life other then my family.

so if you feel i have covered as much as i can while not trying to bore you to death then by all means send me a message and lets talk biggrin

also i'm not on this every day. so i will apologize now if i don't get back to you in a timely matter.


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random thought's and writings

this is pretty much for anything on my mind. and yes some thoughts are sad and or depressing. but that is life and my life is in and out of it.



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