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Noel Kawashima on 12/14/2020

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Cheezieball Report | 11/13/2013 9:05 pm
Awww, hi! I haven't seen you in so long!! Soooo long!!
kawaii tylov Report | 04/19/2013 12:48 am
herro :3
how are you?
cute avi btw
Yukinari Ouka Report | 10/04/2012 6:17 pm
4laugh aww shucks non sense you totalllyyy are!!!♥

D< dont say otherwise or I'll eat your cookies when your sleeping at night..

Yukinari Ouka Report | 10/04/2012 6:02 pm
thanks so much! your awesome! <3
Yukinari Ouka Report | 10/04/2012 5:59 pm
this is really random but.. ;3; what is the name of shirt you are wearing XD
Bacchanal Report | 09/20/2012 10:15 am
I've been good and dandy. >D I went to Hawaii, swam with sharks, got scared snorkeling with eels, ziplined off a trail since that is one alternative of going down, and pet a sea turtle that was wider than my shoulders! So, over all I'm alright.
xD I know what you mean. O; You start school so early. Well, you are talking now so no need to fret. How has it been for you? Whatcha taking for school?
behr hugz Report | 07/18/2012 9:47 pm
hello nd byebye i dun go online much so im giving this account back to my sis thank you for being my friend
Bacchanal Report | 07/11/2012 6:01 am
Is it because they are bored of the rut they have themselves in and the way that we are brought up to be in basically a box and we just move from one to the next until the day we die? Well, I would have to agree with them with that but that doesn't mean you can't break out of it and be super live everyday to the fullest. Granted that takes money and time :/ which in this life is really hard to get.
Yeah she doesn't want her to end her life because she is religious and that would be a no no but other than that she is afraid to. She wants the choice out of her hands. I think it is because she would say she wants to live instead, but if something or someone else did it to her then she can't turn back.
It feels like it is more for the company you go with. I mean the place could be boring but if they company you have is fun then it makes even that fun. Like this one time we went hobo camping. Really don't ask what that is because it is something I don't think you would like since... well hobo and not a lot of people do. Anyways, it was really boring and we were afraid of getting jumped but we spend all night just talking, eating smores and dancing around the fire like it was our Gods. xD Or maybe it wasn't like Gods more like... umm xD like my name bacchanal.
xD I have had some like this teacher that kept saying Americans were dumb and why did he come to this country to teach idiots. His class dropped from 46 people to like 10 and then was canceled. Nobody really likes him. And there is a lot of perverts as teachers and it seems like most of them are guys. Should people be worried?
Haha. Nah. If they want to be all homophobic, not liking transgenders, unisexed, bisexuals and pansexuals, to continue on in their closed-minded pigheaded-ness then so be it. They are no better than that guy on that show that said being bi or homosexual is like having sexual relations with animals. o; And not animals like we are animals but more like animals as in farm animals they will burn you alive and slaughter the animal you slept with like in the bible type of way.
ANNNNYYYWAYS. :3 What sort of things are you into?
O: I kept forgetting the color :3 So now there is some. Yay!
//twirls around and throws flowers in the air. 8D
Bacchanal Report | 06/29/2012 1:24 am
It seems like a lot of smart people do suicide a lot like they get so upset over one thing that it ruins their life or they feel like they are weird and don't fit in that they just kinda give up. My friend is still alive and I doubt she would do it either way since she is one of those people that say it but doesn't really put effort into doing it.
Then you should. Why don't you suggest it to your family and say it is a way to do family time when really you just want to go camping. I wish it was just mosquitoes ... it is like all the insects that suck blood came out and attacked me. D< If it is hot then there is always a lake, right?
That isn't as bad for a car crash. :/ Hmm it seems like a lot of people are getting into one recently.
xD At least your teachers aren't such creepers as mine were. I think the one that looked after the students for journalism invited his students to his house for a party... or was it "help with the SATs" either way he got sacked from his post. Same for the hairy math teacher that hit on 8th graders. And the racist b*****d that checked out white girls' breasts if they were huge.
o; But then you are never happy with your work since it always has to be the best when there might be someone else that comes a long that will be better than you... Well I guess it is better than giving up and turning in crappy work and thinking oh ******** it I'm a loser anyways.
:3 Its okay. I'm not where you live so it might be different.
It might be because they were brought up to think that is weird and unusual and wrong. :/ Which in my opinion is dumb since it isn't like I can't help it nor choose to be attracted to both :/ Some people get so peeved when I say you're so gay. As in the definition of gay, happy. They get so defensive like I'm not gay! Or like I play around and hit on them. Its like you have to walk on egg shells around some people. I had a crew on here that kicked me out of the crew because I like guys. :/ I guess more people are accepting of it but sometimes they might be okay with it but you see it in their eyes that they are slightly disgusted by it or they are trying to be nice. You just learn to smile and play it off. ;{o
Bacchanal Report | 06/27/2012 4:33 pm
Why would I want to die? xD Well, I wouldn't mind it, but I would like to live longer than 24 years.
//taps chin
Maybe not my friend.. She wants to die young. I say she is crazy cakes and shouldn't think like that. All this whole dying while your pretty and young, I think that is just a damn shame. People usually are even more sad when young people die because they had their whole life a head of them. The elderly had lived their life, had their chance. It is still sad all the same though.
But my cast is off and I just came back from camping. :3 Next month I'm going to Mexico! Isn't that exciting? Yes, yes it is only because I haven't gone. One of my friend's uncles says I'm stupid to visit now since there is so much crime and I might not come back, but I have never been and there is always going to be crime.
This was my first third car crash. D: But this one was the first one I got hurt from. Maybe I should just a volvo since the other two crashes I was in one and didn't feel a thing except a buffered jolt.
When were you in a car accident? And I'm glad you didn't get really hurt.
At least it wasn't just one thing. You had to do the finalizing too. You are a journalist?
//is envious
I can't write a good ... well anything in my life and those that said it was good were being kind or I amazed them with my crazy talk.
Well if you want a hundred, I bet you can take the test again, but would you really want to go through the hassle of taking it again for the chance to get a better score? I mean if you did horribly I can understand. o; DPS? Getting your license sounds so hard to get. You have to go through so many things to get it. All I had to do was take the permit test, get my hours, a parent's affirming that I did those hours and wasn't lying, and then finally the driving test where they mailed me my drivers license to me when I passed.
You didn't have to give me a gift, hunn. D: But still thanks. :3 I loved it.
Haha. Nah, if they eat rocks they would get sick. They should suck on a lemon :3 Its okay though. I have gotten this for so long I'm kinda used to it. I came out to my mom that I was bisexual and she said I was in a phase and should stop joking. Ever since she has been glaring down her nose at all the guys I brought home that weren't friends but boyfriends. ;D At least my father isn't in the picture he would beat the crap out of me like he did when I was little. And don't say you are sorry because it isn't your fault that I was in that and still in it. I am happier now and don't regret whatever I did back then nor how it turned out.
I swear these things where you have to verify you are not a bot is getting sillier and sillier. I had one earlier that said "Fortifying Fornication" and now I have smashed potato. :3 hehe silly.