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my picture is real and this is me, i love web social, lol i mean facebooking , skype, and yahoo massenger ! so if guys got, just pm me, im AL or LOven, still young and freshh, hahaha i just want to say that i'll treat u guys well and tidy, lol heart heart heart

wahmbulance wahmbulance i dont like any gaians hate what my avi is about wahmbulance wahmbulance

p/s : photoshoot is my hobby 3nodding and i love to eat yum_pie yum_donut yum_shrimp yum_pumpkinpie

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ZanderKaisike Report | 08/15/2012 2:47 am
whats wrong with them?
ZanderKaisike Report | 08/10/2012 7:29 pm
What did i miss while i was gone?
Lunafreya Fleuret Report | 07/01/2012 11:13 am
Lunafreya Fleuret
It's nice indeed emotion_kirakira
Lunafreya Fleuret Report | 06/30/2012 11:29 am
Lunafreya Fleuret
Yep, it's nice! 3nodding
Lunafreya Fleuret Report | 06/30/2012 6:27 am
Lunafreya Fleuret
No, no! It suits you well! But for first it was a little bit strange wink
Lunafreya Fleuret Report | 06/29/2012 6:52 am
Lunafreya Fleuret
Hey dude! What's that pink hair? rolleyes
l Nostalgia l Report | 06/02/2012 7:45 am
l Nostalgia l
Hehe Thank you for buying my item :3
Guez Whu Report | 06/01/2012 7:16 pm
Guez Whu
Hai hai
Remember me? 8D
Lunafreya Fleuret Report | 04/21/2012 1:25 am
Lunafreya Fleuret
Yes I can add. If you tell me her name
LOveisWhitE Report | 04/21/2012 1:11 am
my FIRST ACC is awsome. .where is ur friends add me =)

view is good


second account

im here