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Hey. I'm Max, I'm 18, and I like to roleplay. I have Tumblr, just ask :3

just a reminder.

For those of you reading this, this is Jaycie. Megan doesn't get on gaia very much anymore due to her internet problems. I'm sure we all miss her, but just keep in mind that one day, she will return ! and by the way, nobody misses her more than I do, because she is my mersister and my best friend, and i will always be more important than any of you reading this. <3 don't believe me, then ask her yourself, and she'll tell you straight up.

Open your eyes I see
Your eyes are open
Wear no disguise for me
Come into the open

When it’s cold outside
Am I here in vain?
Hold on to the night
There will be no shame

Always, I wanna be with you
And make believe with you
And live in harmony,
harmony oh love

Melting the ice for me
Jump into the ocean
Hold back the tide I see
Your love in motion

When it’s cold outside
Am I here in vain?
Hold on to the night
There will be no shame

so um... jaycie was here.

yeahh... watch out.

or i'll sick jeffery on you.


( ★ ) sea of l o v e

Burp. Ah, the healthiest way to start a day ! Especially when you wake up at noon everyday like I do ! Anyway, this sure hack is going to be super long because it'll be my last one ! And who better to have the final hack then this here Megan person ? Hmm, any takers ? Anybody ? NO, because you all FAIL. Not many people deserve hacks -- that are actually true ; you know who you are who write hacks and you don't even mean what they say -- but Megan here sure does deserve one ! If you're on her profile, you should know already that she's super amazing, even though my hack is so low .

Continuing on. Many say that my hacks just jump from topic to topic, and are annoying because they are so random. Well, to those people, you can DEAL WITH IT, OR GET THE HELL OFF HER PROFILE. Alrighty, now that that topic of conversation is over with -- CHECK ! -- let us move on to the next discussion. How the world will end ! Many say that the world will end in fire, others in ice. My choice ? BOTH !

Fire will melt ice, and ice will put out fire, thus making it melt. Then water will be everywhere, and only me and Megan will survive because we are mer-sisters, and we have adapted to water, and will swim away and survive. Nobody else but us two . SO BE JEALOUS . We are party fish, AND BESTFRIENDS ! We're like,... a triple threat.

Obviously if you are on her profile, you can see how awesome she is. If you can't, or disagree with that amazingly true statement, then, like I said earlier, GET THE HELL OF HER PROFILE. If you don't like her, what's the point of following her, watching her gaia profile like a hawk ? Creeper. Oh, and for people who do not like her, I have a small shout-out to you. Achem.

Okey, you can have your opinions. Who am I to stop you ? Nobody can be liked by everybody. But it's still really immature to say really rude stuff to/about her JUST because you don't like her. Even if you don't like Megan, that's perfectly fine ! But what's the point of bothering her constantly ? Just leave her alone and move on with your life ! It's honestly not that hard, and you must like something about her if you always talk about her . Just leave her alone, and maybe everybody will stop being so bitter !

Now that we've got a few topics of conversation out of the way, let's move on to the next : Confusion ! What really are you supposed to write in a hack anymore ? They literally all say the same thing. How awesome a person is, how many inside jokes they have, they'll be best friends forever, all that crap. LITERALLY. EVERYBODY SAYS IT. Maybe it's why i don't write hacks anymore. No matter. Anyway, a hack is hard to write for me, because I really like being unique, even though it's not a hack on my profile .

Everybody should already know how awesome Megan is. Just like everybody should know that we're best friends and have been best friends for four years, and all the inside jokes we have. So I really don't want to waste my time talking about them if you should already know ! For those who don't know : Get your head out of your a** and open your eyes ! This is what true friendship is -- maybe you can learn a few things.

When this girl says that she has "issues" don't be a retard and think she's like Freddie from Nightmare on Elm Street. Seriously ? She's not the only one with problems, but Megan's the only one with the balls to admit it. She's getting better and better, so don't think she's all psycho. Yes, I am helping her. Yes, I am trying my best. No, i am not the reason for those problems. If you were Megan's true friend, you would like her for herself, moody, problems, and sometimes rudeness and all.

I know that Megan will be successful in her life. I know she has so much potential and so much in store for her. It should be really obvious, too. Whether she's a singer, actress, play person -- I have no clue what they're called -- writer, or anything, she'll be famous. And soon all you little haters will be crawling at her feet for forgiveness, and you will not get it. Payback's a b***h -- everybody should remember that.

Though we have gotten into fights in the past, we don't now. Sure, we argue, and sure, we get mad at each other and ignore each other. But... doesn't everybody ? (I'm not going to say 'Sister's fight too !' because that line is VERY cliched, and it's obvious that sisters fight. Everybody does.) No perfect friendship has no fights... But also, there is no perfect friendship when you fight a TON of times either. Our friendship is in the middle. We HAVE fought, but we don't fight every other week. We just get mad and stop talking in the ten minutes that we need to cool down.

In the four years that Me and Megan have known each other, we have seen each other three times. Once when we met on a cruise ship -- the beginning -- that lasted about seven days, and two times just recently when I was in California and she visited me. And the best part is, is that I'm the closest to her then somebody who lives in the same city as her ! Amazing, huh ? I think so, just as I'm sure she does too.

Though I know she may say that her life is certainly terrible right now, but I know it's not. She just needs a friend, and a faithful hug. Pfft, why do you think I'm here ? So for all you people who do not know who I am, and don't have even the slightest clue, my name is Jaycie. I am Megan's for real only best friend, I am her psychiatrist, her mer-sister, her Seba, and the rock that holds all her existence on the ground. And yes, there is only one me.


( ★ ) a thorned rose in a feild of d a i s e s

☆ω н α т ƨ н ɛ я и α м ɛ☆

σмɢ ɢʋɛƨƨ ωнσ! ιтƨ -ω н α т ƨ н ɛ я и α м ɛ-
ι ƨσ cαит ωαιт 4 тнɛ cσиcɛт!! ιтƨ ɢσииα вɛ ƨʋρɛя! ϰ3
ιℓʋғғʏɛωℓικɛ α ғαттʏ ℓσʌɛƨ Ƭ Ɯ Ɩ И Ƙ Ɩ Є Ƨ!!
мммм тωιиκιɛƨ(: ! :ƉƉ

ι яɛмɛмвɛя тнɛ тιмɛ ωɛ ωнɛяɛ αт ɢяαи∂мαƨ нσʋƨɛ
αи∂ ωнɛи ωɛ ωɛит тσ тнɛ ʓσσ..
αи∂ ωɛ ɢσт тнɛ ραи∂α ƨтʋғтιɛƨ!!
αи∂ ωнɛи ωɛ ƨℓɛρ ιи тнɛ ℓιʌιиɢ яσσσм(:
αи∂ ρʋт ρʋт κɛρт ℓιcκιиɢ ʋƨ!!
∂ʋ∂ɛɛ тнσƨɛ ωнɛяɛ ƨσмɛ ɢσσ∂
м ɛ м σ я ι ɛ ƨ(:
ι αcтʋαℓʏ нαʌɛ ριcтʋяɛƨ ғяσм ιт! вʋт ιт ωαƨ ƨσ ғʋи!
ωɛ ƨнσʋℓ∂ ∂σ ƨσмɛтιиɢ ℓικɛ тнαт αɢαιи ƨσмɛтιмɛ(:

β ˩ α Ħ β ˩ α Ħ β ˩ α Ħ ϰ3

☆ƧƬ. ĴƖммƳ☆

ʏσʋ αяɛ тнɛ вɛƨт cʋƨιи αиʏσиɛ cαи αƨκ ғσя!(:
αи∂ ιм ɢℓα∂ ʏσʋя мʏ cʋƨιи :ƉƉ


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muahahahahaha fear the rainbow unicorn !