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'The cave' - mumford and sons

'Heavy Metal - Deep Focus (TGunn remix)


'hear me out' - Imogen heap

'3055' - Ólafur Arnalds

me: no more, no less.

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Firstly: I'm a cuddle and snuggle-whore when it comes to my close friends. =//w= <3

I don't accept random friend requests. :/ If we haven't spoken before, I won't accept, I'm sorry. >~>; Please, no random PMs either. I prefer to speak to people in the forums when it comes to first-time introductions. *nods*

I don't respond to roleplay PMs from randomers either, so please don't bother. I've a particularly poor track record when it comes to replying and sticking to RPs in generals, especially sexual ones...so don't bother asking. I'm currently on HIATUS from RPs.

I like the feeling of clean between my toes and the smell of rain at the end of the day, the sound of powdered snow crunching beneath my feet and the silence of the stars - shooting stars blow my mind. <3 But most of all, the sound of truly happy laughter. Particularly because it's the most efficient cure for a low mood - so be sure to laugh proudly, ecstatically, erractically and uncontrollably; at least once a day. :] Although, you cannae beat a nice egg and bacon sarnie either. =w=

Some details...:

- Female and aged 21.
- Bi and also taken.
- A fan of furries with an inner furry myself (wee kitty cat~).
- An avid fan of sewing and seeking to alter as many hoodies as I can.
- A hopeless romantic and proud. And geek. Geek too. Geeky geek.
- A MAJOR fan of yaoi and yuri pairings (yuri's currently winning though).
- Completely submissive, in all honesty.
- A gamer (RPGs preferred) with favourites including: Oblivion, Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts I and II, FF series and The Sims series.
- Avid fan of snuggling with my big Tigger teddy. (Can't be helped.)
- Favourite sandwich consists of ham, cucumber and peanut butter.
- Still sleep with my teddies. (MASSIVE, cuddly ones, so be jelly.)
- Finally: I have my share of secrets, just like everybody else.

Still an avid fan of manga - more so than their anime counterparts. Current favourites include:

- Spice and Wolf (Favourite character is Holo, of course~)
- Sliver Diamond (Favourite character is Chigusa <3)
- Omamori Himari (Himariii~! <3)
- Alice in the Country of Hearts (Favourite characters are Alice and the Queen (mm, yuri~))
- Naruto (Favourite character is Kakashi <3)
- Kingdom Hearts (Favourite characters are Cloud, Squall, Cid and Sora)

Erm, what else is there to say...?

This is my pet cat and closest friend of over 10 years. <3 She sleeps in the best positions and likes to run off the ends of couches, when she freaks herself out.

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She holds my heart, no matter how many times she tries to sell it on eBay. mad

Somewhere along the line we've forget the reason to life. To live it. To love everyone and everything within it. So go out there and live your life. Because no-one can do it for you. And the ultimate crime against life, is to waste it. So just chill your beef and have some lemonade, alright? 4laugh

Good morrow.

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Voand The Wolf Lord Report | 05/21/2018 6:14 pm
Voand The Wolf Lord
will i miss you so mich sad
Voand The Wolf Lord Report | 09/05/2016 5:44 am
Voand The Wolf Lord
yo you ok sad ?
Voand The Wolf Lord Report | 05/11/2015 12:33 am
Voand The Wolf Lord
i miss you soo much gonk
Mrs Imperfection Report | 07/01/2014 8:53 pm
Mrs Imperfection
What's the name of your eyes ^^;
Midna Forever Report | 02/06/2014 11:22 pm
Midna Forever
your Muffin kitty is still adorable. heart
Rylyn the Cat Report | 01/21/2014 12:38 pm
Rylyn the Cat
*pounces on* Fluffy-san!
IMANOOT Report | 12/17/2013 11:17 pm
Spice and Wolf & KH are good =w=
Yuri warrior princess Report | 11/30/2013 1:59 pm
Yuri warrior princess
Ok ^_^ please message me tomorrow.
Yuri warrior princess Report | 11/30/2013 1:48 pm
Yuri warrior princess
Sorry for messaging you on your profile but I'm a little shy. So I didn't message you in the forum. >< I hope you don't mind.
Yuri warrior princess Report | 11/30/2013 1:37 pm
Yuri warrior princess
Such a cute profile! <3

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