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Gaia oldbie with a hunger for new items and a desire to make avatar art.

Guess what, though? I'm a mule.

That's my main ---->
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`C O O K I E Report | 12/07/2006 3:11 pm
`C O O K I E
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- Hey, it's been awhile. 3nodding -
- Where's your sash? @_@ -

- Demon Eyes Kirara <3
Illusive Jellybean Report | 12/01/2006 12:21 pm
Illusive Jellybean
I miss you and still no help yet *sighs*
Illusive Jellybean Report | 11/29/2006 10:48 pm
Illusive Jellybean
You are my bestest friend and I luffle you so much heart
Bro Lunchbox Report | 11/20/2006 10:29 am
Bro Lunchbox
domokun heart
Vano-the-Mano Report | 10/27/2006 10:02 am
Thanks, I like your kitty on the head pic, hahah! cute!
Egotistical Drug Report | 10/22/2006 9:01 pm
Egotistical Drug

Thank youuu, Card buddy! surprised
Kinchee Report | 09/06/2006 11:36 am
Sorry Lost!!! I have just been so busy with life I barely go on Gaia no more due to no time for it. I do take a peek here and then to see whats spurring the boards. But other than that just dealing with the mad conflicts in my life at this time. I miss you too!!!! So how have you been huh? I hope all is going well!!
Vano-the-Mano Report | 08/04/2006 10:18 am
Aw shucks. We women indeed need to protect ourselves from the dogs that are men. smile
Skyline994 Report | 07/28/2006 1:53 pm
Losty! I haven't seen you in foreverz! I comment in your profile. And in response to your "About" section.

Givez me teh freez arts pleeeeeeze!

Just kidding. <-3
Hope to see you around.
[+stray+light+] Report | 06/29/2006 9:24 am
Ah! xD Whore, you have it too. *now has to change* Love ya <3


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I'm a mule.Catch me on my main!

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