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~I want to say that many cosplayer's been mad over another by thinking others steal there style, and I will say don't be mad at me been me and having my own style. If we going to say about stealing, we are the real stealer of the original character on Square Enix not some gaia cosplay... its just been stupid I am sorry o.O~

Come to Final fantasy Town at [7 Barton 118181]

~Little About Tifa~
Name: Tifa Lockhart
Age: 15 (Crisis Core)
20 (Final Fantasy VII)
22 (Advent Children)
23 (Dirge of Cerberus)
Family: Dead
Height: 165 cm 5' 5"
sexual interest: straight
Weapon and powers: Glove,Knuckles and Claws
Birth: 3 May 1987
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Blood type: B
Hair: Dark brown hair [FFVII game]
and black in [FFVIIAC]
That falls to the middle of her back

Current mood: Caring...

Tifa's Personality:
Tifa is a very kind-hearted person who worries about other's well-being before her own most of the time. She is very motherly towards children, since she looks after orphans in her tavern. Tifa is shy about her feelings and hides them most of the time, trying to pull on a facade as such. A smile is usually always on her face. Very gentle and motherly she is always ready to risk her safety for that of the group. Although, when the time arises she can be very serious and very protective of her pack, much like a wolf.

Dear Diary:
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"On that day 5 years ago, I waited for a long time.
I believed the SOLDIER who was sent to
Nibelheim from ShinRa would surely be Cloud.
However, another SOLDIER came with
Sephiroth and he was not Cloud.
His hair was black. He was young and cheerful...
He talked a lot with me, too. He told me
that he was born in Gongaga,
which was far to the south. His name was--- Zacks ."