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If you're reading this, you may be lost.

Whether it be literally, figuratively, mentally, emotionally, physically, or virtually lost we're all lost, just the same. As the expert, I will now help you find your way.

Literally: To exit, simply press the back button, or one of the tabs at the top of my profile, which will direct you to the main pages of gaia. You can even exit the window entirely.

Figuratively: Obviously you need to get in tune with your soul. Perhaps some yoga. Bring out your inner zen. Speak with your sensei, and all will be revealed. Also, it might prove useful to steal a bag of fortune cookies.

Mentally: With this, I cannot help much. Perhaps you shouldn't have slept during school, or rotted your brains playing video games. Or perhaps, you're not yet matured. I suggest an earlier bed time. Or Gaia Rehab.

Emotionally: Too much Gaia drama? Are you still recovering from being called a smelly pig? Have no fear! Talk to someone! I suggest a long hike with your therapist, or a delicious smoothie. Rowing a canoe over a waterfall could also prove to be soothing.

Physically: First thing you should do is calm down. Your biggest mistake would be panicking, and getting even more lost than you are. Sit tight. If you have a phone, call your mom. Or your Dad. Or a trusted Walmart employee. Also, you might try consulting with your GPS. I find that a robotic voice can be quite soothing when lost.

Virtually: If you are virtually lost, I am worried for you. In the online world, anything can happen. Perhaps you could watch for a sign from Zeus, or look for a trail of bread crumbs. You might even come across a line of duckllings making their way home. Follow a river, or fly away. Use your demon senses, or your vampire speed. Howl at the moon, talk like a gangsta. Or you could just grow up. It's your choice.

I hope you will now be able to find your way.


Special Shout-outs!

Everyone likes reading a little something about themselves. Who doesn't like compliments? Well here we are! Hopefully I dont embarrass anyone, eh?

At first glance, it may seem strange to others that we are friends. I can't even remember how we met...LOL You know you've got a good friend when he's willing to stay up after hours to help you fall asleep. Thanks for helping me face my fears!

Serving as my "fresh-to-death" mother, Sam is a very sweet person. Humorous, smart, witty, and apparently very imaginative.. We have spent quite a long time coming up with a magical world together. Thanks for being there for me!

If I had to chose one word to describe this nice fellow, it would be constant. Always there, always willing, always with good manners and advice. Never a dull moment! Thanks for the laughs!

He is the best ninja I know. He is always willing to help my sorry Canadian self do my Spanish homework with good nature. Being silly, (But not a goose) Thanks for doing my Spanish homework! (LOL)

First thing's first: APPLESAUCE! (FLAPDOODLE!) Here's a special character. He has a tongue sharper than a sword, and a broad imagination. Thanks for the adventures, Batman!

It's long overdue, I know, but I finally remembered your name. Now here's a fungi.(LOL) Especially when he's hyper--but not too crazy. Many a laugh with this one. Thanks for keeping me entertained!
Would you like a shout-out? Let me know, and be my friend, of course! c:


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