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wears a hood 70% of the year
always has a button down on
can always be seen with dog tags on

~ Armel

~ 20 years


~From New York

~Been here for lord know how long

~can be a shy person.

truth be told i don't even know why you're even here
there isn't much to be known about me,
i'm a pretty friendly lurker who can come out the shadows every once in a while.
i hate being the center of attention, makes me anxious
i can be social and fun but it can be draining making me disappear for a while.

anything else feel free to pm me or comment idc


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Outfit storage hold

cause this has no other use then that



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o Lueur

Report | 01/22/2019 5:55 pm

o Lueur

dumb aff right lol
o Lueur

Report | 01/22/2019 5:36 pm

o Lueur

Nah our work weeks start on Thursdays and end on Wednesday
o Lueur

Report | 01/22/2019 5:00 pm

o Lueur

jeeeez I hate working Sun-Fri :c

I dont have time to on here much when that happens
o Lueur

Report | 01/20/2019 3:44 pm

o Lueur

Oh wow just overwork yourself :c we dont need you getting any worse
That does sound fun tho o:

Sometimes out supervisors schedule us.
o Lueur

Report | 01/20/2019 12:01 pm

o Lueur

Hurts from work?
What’s that game ?

I’m just here at work ready to go home lol
o Lueur

Report | 01/19/2019 9:45 pm

o Lueur

awhhh -hugs-

How you been o:
o Lueur

Report | 01/19/2019 2:21 pm

o Lueur

you cannottttttttt just come in here without a fight sir

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o Lueur

Report | 01/18/2019 12:13 pm

o Lueur

Pft yeah that’s true lol
o Lueur

Report | 01/17/2019 7:27 pm

o Lueur

LOL good thing you arent working there anymore c:

Nah cause I can be aggressive aff it would scare them
o Lueur

Report | 01/17/2019 6:45 pm

o Lueur

Lol thanks for looking out! I use to be anti social afff so made me begin to ignore things around me lol

Heck yeah I would be dumb and never going so I wouldnt be able to do that lol

I like to lead a team to the finish line not ready to be a boss yet Im too nice most of the time