Hey wad up im Matt! i play basketball and durning football i am a cheerleader for eldorado. uh one of my best friends is kumiko who was a on my cheer team (my flier) then i play b ball with damin and auron and for cheerin thats my hole stunt group. i have 3 dogs demon, gizmo, darla.

story of my avi

lets see my guys lord takeo tsubasa is the ruler of the underworld a demon of strangth like no other and hes in love wtih a demon princess shapeshifter named Kumiko Mui. mui is in some trouble when her father sends the angles of darkness to kill her but takeo will lay down his life to protect her by what ever comes thier way to of lords takeo's warriors are keisuke manabu, yue guang jian and yoshio kazuya also know as the brave and rapid.

lets see well we desided to put are avis to gether to make a storie us four friends we each have a theme song that i picked and kumiko picked the names of the characters and the sides names (demons of the light and angels of the darkness) and yoshio picked the profile colors and keisuke pick the guild to make. and kumiko made the guild. uh if u wanna know more just ask so see ya!

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Total Value: 144,084 Gold
After Exclusions: 116,908 Gold
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Item List:
Light Teal Tennis Socks
Archangel's Blade
Oculus Mythica
White Tuxedo Pants
Valiant Knight
Majestic King
Angelic Lace
Heavenly Drapes