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please let this life end with a flash of pain and torment ~written on the wall
still wet from the pain they all felt for there fallen comrades.
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well i have to advertise right XD
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just expressing myself in various ways, guitar playing, art,and writing poetry and story's anything else you want to know just ask me..my rp characters are as follows they appear in the rp The Vampire Order RP copy and paste the link below to visit ^_-

Gaia Name:Lord Anglius
Character Name biggrin emetri C. Anglius
Bio:most of his past reflects the worlds past being born

just after the fall of Egypt and the death of Cleopatra,

living from place to place his adolescent years were dark

and death filled which gave him his calm nature and honesty

with every one. seeing that with out honesty during the

black plague many more people would have died. after his

25th birth day he became aware of something following him.

one of the "firsts" were after him. and caught him it did

draining him of his life and his memories. then the "first"

tore open his vein and forced Demetri calino anglius to

drink every drop, to dry the well, as one might say. after

that he inherited all of the "firsts powers and lived with

just his name and nature to guide him into the future.

after his first week of "being" his first prey was a 14

year old farm boy that had murdered a nobles daughter.

seeing him self in the dank refection of the water on that

rainy night forced him to a life of seclusion. building his

future home from different architypes he loved on a slight

cliff near a settlers town in the east America's loving

battle for a good cause..and to pass time he met hunters

kin and there father in the late 1600's and helped them

build there kingdom in the north as a token of thanks teh

finished his home for him in 1765 after that in 1820 he met

Slvia his only human wife. later died of natural causes in

the winter of 1850. meeting Serenity after a run in with a

lycan turned her after a few weeks of having her under his

protection later she left him in search of her family in

1930 now he lives with another human girl, keeping him self

in check and calm knowing that one day something will

happen to every life form on this planet.

Appearance:User Image
Side:lord of the east
Appearance Age:25-27
Actual Age:10,000


Gaia Name:Lord Anglius
Character Name:tero
Bio:when he was first sent to earth his memories were

erased by an evil sorcerer causing his mind to split in

three. the first one or the "innocent one" calls its self

jake, while the neutral one is called sai, the last one

called lament the darkest part of this pure soul, after the

confrontation the neutral persona sai was the most dominant

but when the situation of great stress acured jake would

appear, and in times of danger lament would appear but on

some occasions the situation switches, tero is the name of

the person as a whole. a whole only jake and sai want to

merge back, lament on the other hand wants to be

independent and looks for a way to separate fully from the

others to complete his goals ever wondering now in the

Americas the civil creature wars have begun while his

instincts draw him north he only knows one name ......jordan

Appearance:User ImageUser Image((lament's picture))
Race:fallen angel
Appearance Age:17
Actual Age:----


Gaia Name:lord anglius
Character Name:dihal
Bio:a priest that was sent by the Vatican some years ago

to over view and evaluate the situation with the vampires

and lycans, he despises hunting of any kind but believes

that "sacrifices" are needed seemingly calm and collected

when confronted his true nature arises, knowing the mystic

arts his ability's mach the average vampire in power. with

the ability to summon a black dog of varying size and a

crimson eagle to scout for him. he travels with a familiar

named tim, a enchanted sarcastic black mouse that converses

with him....sort of

Appearance:User Image
Appearance Age:30
Actual Age:60


Gaia Name:lord anglius
Character Name:walter kingstrom the xii
Bio:walter was born into a long line of servants for the

lord anglius his family can be traced back as far as

anglius him self. when the first walter kingstrom met the

lord, he was a peasant. near death the lord took him in

feeling gratified for i the assumed as care taker for the

lords castle in the east. many generations later walter

Kingstown the vii th. was attacked by a lycan and his blood

was tainted by the creatures curse. but after the initial

turning anglius helped walter the vii th keep hold over the

rage and anger then later he showed walter the ways to stop

the transformation all together." having the heart of a man

yet the strength of the beast.. however i still call you

friend" demetri anglius said

Appearance:User Image
Appearance Age:30
Actual Age:80


Gaia Name:lord anglius
Character Name:vegas
Bio:after striking down a angel he was pleased with him

self "no other will be helped like i wasnt" he said to the

dying angel, "what is your name before i finish you?" he

asked. struggling against the enchanted ribbon wrapped

around vegas's wrist and binding the angel in place with

his back split open and his heavenly blood spilling out onto

the ground. "tero, and i will come for you one day, and

make everything you hold dear suffer for this!" with that

vegas casted his strength and formed a blade of blue energy

piercing tero in the head. killing the angel ...he thought.

after that he couldn't die. because of striking down such a

creature he gained there power of regeneration and became a

immortal. a sorcerer at a young age he became a local sage

after his 23 birthday thats when he met tero on route to

protect a young human girl from a lycan. thought the years

he was off learning the ways of every power there was to

learn he is fluent in fire magistry as well as ice and

lightning with his ribbon he can fly and teleport any

distance with little effort. his practices are also studied

in the Vatican mysticism program

Appearance:User Image
Race:angel/human hybrid
Appearance Age:23
Actual Age:123


Gaia Name:Lord Anglius
Character Name:aiden weis
Bio:being the cousin of the dracula clan was hard on

aiden, in fact him being born a human angered him even more

too make up for his non vampire traits he learned to become

a fire mage proving that he was strong enough to rule over

the north castle .one day around the same time hunter was

born he was going to be inducted into the clan, this was a

immense honor for him. but having the bad luck of hunter

being born he was cast out from ever joining teh ranks

along side vincent "it isnt fair!!" he yelled at the count,

but he didnt get one look from them. they wer too

concerned with there newest arrival. on his way back he was

ambushed by a group of lycans he defeated most of them but

one bit him turning him into a lycan as well. from then on

he has systematically killed every young vampire he comes

across hoping one day it will be hunter ' i will never die

till that hunter is ash under my feet'.

Appearance:User Image
Appearance Age:26
Actual Age:1,026


Gaia Name:lord anglius
Character Name:jadein
Bio:after six years of being in training with dihal, she

struck out on her own leaving the mystic ways of "ribbon

casting" alone to pursue a unspoken form of magic.she

discovered the lost art of mixed magic, because of the law

of sets one couldn't combine different elements with out

being able to first separate those elements inside there

own hearts. after a run in with a lycan and a hunter that

could do such she discovered that she as well could do this

but to a much less controlled state .not one to take orders

she discovered that the lord of the north has some trouble

in dealing with his affairs and left out to help.due to her

mystical powers, her sword can regenerate after any amount

of damage it takes even if it snaps in half.

Appearance:User Image
Appearance Age:20
Actual Age:25


Gaia Name:Lord anglius
Character Name:law
Bio:teaching the way of the mystic he found that the

life he has was ending faster than expected, he has a

terminal disease that will end his life after a few years.

stumbling on a ancient book of forbidden practices he saw

that two items that will prolong and grant life after a few

hours of preparation. revealed at this he started to

consort with the head of the order. sending out there most

skilled mystic, dihal to test that these items in fact exist

and work. having lost his patience with dihal and having

information on a past mystic appearing his options grow dim

and he decides to back up dihal...but with out him knowing

about it.

Appearance:User Image
Appearance Age:32
Actual Age:80


Gaia Name:Lord Anglius
Character Name:tim
Bio:after disgracing a nobleman's daughter his body was

destroyed and he was left to wonder the world with out a

body. after discovering that he can transport him self into

other peoples body's , but not for very long he skipped to

body to body till he happened on dihal, who instantly trapped

him and told tim that he will get him a new body all to him

self, agreeing to it he was placed into the body of a fire

rat. later on after a difficult journey he finally got his

body, now being able to teleport and knowing the way of

"ribbon casting" after watching and learning from dihal. he

is still learning and his skills are not all that sharpened

like his tongue.

Appearance:User ImageUser Image
Appearance Age:17
Actual Age:28



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