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How to stalk me.

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Read this.

My name is 'Rado. Not Lorado (unless you're mad at me, or extremely serious), not Ms. Lorado, not Lora, Lor, Do, or any other variation you can think of. Exeption: If it makes me laugh, you can use it. If you must use a more formal term, it is (almost) navaly correct to call me sir. I don't really like it, but I hate ma'am, miss, ms, and mrs.
I like talking about anything and everything. Well, maybe if you wanted to talk about the next greatest terrorist plot, I might not want to talk about that. On the other hand, I might, but I'd report you to the FBI ASAP. I get bored easily, so entertain me. And if I have to report you to the FBI, at least make it an interesting plot so I can get on the news. xd
For those of you who get off on annoying people, don't try. It's very hard to really piss me off. If you're so hellbent on trying that you're going to ignore that advise, I'll make it easy for you. If you insult my sisters, I'll be annoyed. If you threaten, stalk, hurt, or annoy them in any way and I find out, I'll be VERY angry and get revenge as soon as possible. If you do anything to hurt a little person (someone under 15 years old or 5.5' tall, or someone who is disabled in some way), and brag about it, that also pisses me off, but than I'll just call you a perv and ignore you.
For people that absolutly need someone to love them, it's very easy to make me love you. Note love=/=trust. I really only trust my sisters. I love anyone who teaches me stuff, answers my questions, or who asks me about stuff on a consistent basis. I'm very lazy, if you ask me a question I don't know about, I'll BS my way through it and send you to someone else. The only other way to get me to love you is to either make me laugh or find a way to make me protective of you, which doesn't happen a lot.
That's basicaly about it, except for I'm almost never on during the weekend, I'm child like, (not the same as childish), I'm 17, and I use parantheses a lot. Bye!


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Whatever annoys me. A couple of creative writing assignments.

Light and Dark

This is a poem I made for a contest. Please leave comments about it.
Dark and Light alternating
Like a strobe light in a club
Peace and Chaos in my mind
Switch back and forth like sound.
With the darkness comes the peace
With the light, the chaos.
In the peace, I find my joy
In the chaos, pain.
The pain comes at me like a sunburn
But the joy falls soft as rain.
Someday soon I'll find the switch
That controls the joy and pain.
At that time I'll have the answers,
At least, the answers for that day.

The stupid stuff you say.

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KoNfUsEd RoX Report | 03/28/2012 7:18 am
KoNfUsEd RoX
happy birthday! (your on my friends list) 3nodding
BleedsBlack Report | 03/25/2009 12:03 pm
hansd22 Report | 01/03/2009 4:00 pm
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
hansd22 Report | 11/18/2008 4:07 pm
*sigh* I wish you were on more...
hansd22 Report | 09/24/2008 3:59 pm
Nah. That would just melt it and leave everybody with COLD FEET! User Image
hansd22 Report | 09/22/2008 2:28 pm
Up! Here we go again with the silence on the profiles! What we need is someone to break the ice!
mairead1234 Report | 07/24/2008 9:09 pm
omg lorado has disappeared and a little bunny mutant has taken her place! oh no! call for help! 911! 911!
mairead1234 Report | 06/18/2008 6:36 pm
happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday dear lorado

happy birthday to you

and many more on channel four

and scooby doo on channel two

and a big fat lady on channel eighty

and all the rest on pbs!!!

User Image User Image User Image
BleedsBlack Report | 06/10/2008 9:30 am

i feel likes its time for change
BleedsBlack Report | 06/05/2008 4:34 pm
hey sorry i haven't been talking to you in for ever!!

how have you been??

Birdy, birdy in the sky
Dropped something white in my eye
Tastes like paint smells like glue
Oh my god it's birdy poo!

The essence of religion comes down to who has the better imaginary friend.