I'm an 18 year old female from Minnesota.
I am a gaiaholic, but I do not attend GA meetings.
I'm obsessed with color, anything bright and happy usually puts me in a good mood.
I'm visual, I need proof to believe in something.
I'm imaginative, and an artist.
I'm just an immature kid trapped in a woman's body.
I'm musical, anything that catches my ear is a winning song for me, I don't care what genre it is.
I'm a video game nerd, mostly RPGs and MMORPGs and things of the sort.
I'm a pessimist, even if I seem happy, there is something in my head telling me to frown. Do I always give into it? No.
I'm agnostic, I don't believe that there is, or isn't a god.
I'm spiritual, and I listen to what my senses tell me.
I'm a lover, not a fighter, I would rather laugh than involve myself in something negative.
I'm fun-loving, I'd rather go out and do something stupid and immature than stay at my house.
I'm charismatic and outgoing, I love to have long conversations, whether they are silly or serious. I love meeting people.
My friends are the world, and often times mean more to me than my own family.
I'm down to earth, I know how to listen and give advice, but I love to talk.
I'm strange, and sometimes I think I'm not human from the weird crap I do.
My name is Alicia, a.k.a. Canelopie or Lopie.

I'm just me.


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// CynicaL

I'm Alicia. I'm 17. I like to write. =D

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Zero X Beoulve Report | 05/27/2008 1:49 am
I love you, babe.

And why am I not on your profile? D;<
Als Report | 05/03/2008 5:41 pm
Thank you ma'am ~

btw - your avi is bloody brilliant !
--[The Touchable God]-- Report | 04/16/2008 6:41 pm
Holy s**t!!

You really ARE the SEXIEST thing on two legs!!



Just admit it.
Zero X Beoulve Report | 04/09/2008 8:30 am
I'm so in love with you, it's gotta be bad for my heart to work this much.
Zero X Beoulve Report | 04/05/2008 3:58 am
Nice rainbows. xP
Zero X Beoulve Report | 03/24/2008 7:44 pm
xxXDefaultXxx Report | 03/22/2008 5:59 pm
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livelavashannon Report | 03/14/2008 6:04 am
random comment :0
BAHT SEKS Report | 02/22/2008 8:51 pm
lololol, you like deh acid-house eh?
Moger Report | 02/22/2008 7:49 pm
Conan made Huckabee