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I decided it was good to add some things, so below you can read about me as a person, and as an rper

Me as a person:

At any rate, things to know about me are, I suppose... I'm human. Which means I have good moments and bad moments, but I usually try to keep the bad moments away from people. I like helping people, and I tend to sometimes express my sympathies or positive emotions without really thinking-- while, perhaps, over censoring myself on anything negative. This means I may come off as 'fake' or as a 'kiss up' or something, but honestly, I don't care if that's the case; I feel able to trust that people will get a fair idea of me if they spend the time really getting to know me, and if they aren't interested in doing that, that's fine, I will still try to be nice, and I won't try to be overly friendly to try and convince them otherwise.

I find myself sometimes flabbergasted at the way people behave, but I usually try to take on an understanding perspective, and a fair point of view. It's not something I can always do, especially if something keeps happening, but I do try.

I get excited over things easily and tend to dive right in, but I can often end up losing interest and dog-paddling my way to the next shiny object to see what it has to offer.

That being said, I can dedicate myself to something, especially if I really enjoy it. Typically, the more options it has, the more there is to do and explore, and the shared interest others have in it, the more I will stick to it.

I've learned that you can never really do something nice for someone without expecting zero recognition for it, and that the only reason to do something nice should be for the simple fact of doing something nice. I know that sounds cynical, but it seems to be the best way to go into things. So if I do something for you, keep in mind I don't expect anything in return, and reciprocated actions will be a pleasant and extremely appreciated surprise.

Me as an rper:

I don't know if anyone will bother to really read this, especially with all above, but I felt it was worth having some things out there in case people were interested to know what to expect from me as an rper.

First thing's first; communication is pretty key with me, and so is honesty. If you're not feeling an rp, tell me; if my character is bugging you, tell me; if you don't really want to rp, tell me. I can't really change my characters and there's not a lot I can always do about who I am, but I can at least try and help if the situation is amendable, and simply move away if it's not. Don't be rude -- if you start calling my characters 'stupid' or something, I probably won't have any interest in continuing to rp or discuss things -- but do be honest.

A big thing that I find is pretty important but might not be expected, hence why I put it so early up... PLEASE do not throw information about your character at me. I do not like having information thrown at me. I am like Tony Stark with having things handed to him. If you start talking at me about your character without me having asked about it, or without having asked if it was a good time, I will probably not respond well. I may try, if I'm feeling compliant, but I may also just start responding with 'Mm', 'Ah', 'I see', and 'lol' because I just... really don't like that. I don't know why. Especially since I actually love meeting and learning about new characters. But I would rather you hint that you have something you want to say, or just outright ask if it's a good time, then just start telling me stuff. That way, if it's not a good time, I can tell you and ask about it when it is, or I can prepare myself and get into the conversation on my own, instead of feeling forced into it.

In return, I probably won't just start talking at you about my characters. If I'm excited about something, I might drop a hint, but if you don't ask, I won't elaborate; or if I really want to talk about it, I'll simply ask, in return, if you're interested in talking, and I'll almost always reciprocate by turning the subject, ultimately, back onto your characters, or yourself. I don't like to talk about myself or my characters that much, even though I love sharing. I'm flattered if people find my characters interesting enough to ask about, but... I generally try and assume they aren't, and, unless I need help actually working something out, try not to bother people with my charries.

All that being said, I love plotting. I love creating characters and dynamics and interesting relationships and seeing how things go. I love learning about new characters and discovering what makes them tick.

All the above doesn't really tell you the whole picture with me... but like I said, it was stuff I felt was good to have out there. At the very least, it will make me feel a bit better by having it somewhere.



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FELICITEA Report | 02/18/2017 12:30 am
i like your name O: loonamist
KillerOfTheCounselOfRicks Report | 09/11/2015 3:29 am
Sleep is for the weak and pokemon with rest !
Koukaze Report | 05/19/2015 2:50 pm
Hey Loon will you control the Brock battle for me? If you have time at least
Koukaze Report | 05/17/2015 10:22 am
You know, I had no idea we weren't friends untill the other day xD I could have sworn I added you well before the Revolution
Koukaze Report | 02/02/2015 5:39 pm
Hey Loon, I am unable to find that original forum where it was posted that Else and Prince had 2 accounts. Was it taken down? Or could you PM me a link? I'm trying to fill in a friend about it but I don't wanna tell him wrong so I figured it would be easier to send him a link
burnning_devil Report | 09/11/2014 1:10 pm
i just thought of something funny, if our story was an RPG game then i would have given you a renegade option, a paragon option and a side quest. lol
burnning_devil Report | 09/04/2014 10:39 am
do you need me to send my list again?
thesexywolfess19 Report | 05/21/2013 8:24 am
Hi! Sorry to take so long to get back to you!
My mom's dad ran into some health issues and we went out of state to go see him. And some other, not so big, things happened. But I am back!
Yuki Hagami Report | 04/13/2012 8:19 pm
Thanks hun for buying~
Vigilia Report | 01/09/2012 2:11 am
I stalked your format thread... so, you're joining Hai's wolf rp? : D




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Notes on me as an RPer:
- I'm more interested in characters as people, as they are today, than what's happened in their past~
- Honesty over everything; if you're bored or not interested, let me know! : )
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