Hello all slores and cunts, I'm Sarah. I'm the current age of 15 but that doesn't matter to you right? Hah, I don't even know why I'm typing this. It's so amusing, anyways. I'm in Highschool and as of this moment I am a freshman ya dig? My basic hobbies is.. sleep, eat, interwebs. Trolololo, but I guess that's what you guys do everyday. Don't try to have small talk with me... I won't work out. Unless you're really sweet and considerate. Then, I'll think about it.

My main interest is K-POP and only K-POP. I don't want to hear your hard rock stuff or your senseless rap songs. Sorry it's the truth. My major bias is Kikwang and if you don't know what a "bias" is. It's a person I favor out of all kpop guys. Yes, I love Kim Kardashian. So what of it? If you hate her than might as well hate me, we're all humans and she's the same thing as you. If she's a whore then shut the ******** up about it, there's million of whores who's worse than her. And you're wondering did I just call my fave person a whore? Nope because you know why? It's none of my concern.

I myself, would love to be a photographer but sadly no camera. I love cooking though and all I do is fantasize about Korean men.