i can be very crazy and loud. but when im not around my friends i keep to myself. you would not even know i was there. i mostly keep to myself. and i am not a very big people person. but when you get to know me im not that bad at all. im wired but you will get use to it. an if not no ones forceing you to like me. i pefer to be alone. i am a big J-rock fan i love Dir En Grey!! best band ever. if you dont know who they are or dont like them, then you need to find out, cause you dont know good music. so well thats all i got for now take care!!Beware i bite^_~

life is what we make it and in the end im happy with who i am.. why should i be you when i can be me.. im different and im 100% happy with that. people love me. people hate me. but at the end of the day i know i was me and that all i can truly do is be happy with who i am. int his forever changing world.