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BOMB4Y Report | 10/26/2016 9:29 pm
Oooh redface thanks, and well, go ahead I guess?? these line pieces are ooooold though
BOMB4Y Report | 10/26/2016 8:47 pm
That is indeed one! emotion_yatta I can't be added to the testimony because I don't actually avoid the forum - I just ignore the regs there and post in threads that aren't theirs, and if they quote me, I generally just don't respond. In this case I'm not entirely sure if I should be the one to go to the admin since I'm only observing and not actually affected, come to think of it... would you like me to upload the screens I have with the thread number and post number somewhere and send it to you?
BOMB4Y Report | 10/26/2016 7:59 pm
Well, the selective thread modding certainly is apparent, I'll agree with you. In the case of some people even describing how that particular "colorful mermaid" entry looked like, and they said nothing about it (and even defended the right to describe it).... yet quickly jumped in and attacked someone for calling out a reg's "brown entry" (which is also a description) a violation (this same user who said those other accusations were okay called the one who accused the reg of cheating a "troll", very ironically). I'll agree that the self-moderation isn't working too well. They weren't very fair individuals to begin with. confused So I know what you mean when you say you're frustrated by that sort of thing.

I don't think a lot of people have ignored it outright... only they couldn't do much about it even when they've reported them, since the mod involved wasn't technically the most neutral. I've reported some as well but remember how I mentioned there was a mod who told me it wasn't wrong? This is the same mod you see bantering with that particular user in the salt thread. I believe that having an admin update the rules would make them have to do their job - if not we could bring that mod up to usertalk and have their position reviewed. Then and only then will a rule be reinforced. Admins can't uphold these rules themselves since the rest of the site needs to be overseen as well, so they have mods to do it. I hate to say it, but in this case I feel even the mods need moderation.

Certainly easier said than done! whee I say - would you mind also screenshotting and collecting the testimonies from the people who said they'd rather not post in the Runway forum? These could be very useful to show the admins how bad the situation in the whole forum there exactly is, since a lot of people are afraid of posting there, or have been chased away. I have these from that one thread, but if you could have more from more casual experiences from different people, it would really piece a larger picture for the admin to look at. 3nodding
lliioiill Report | 10/26/2016 2:36 pm
My thanks for your purchase! 4laugh
BOMB4Y Report | 10/26/2016 2:14 am
Oh well, here's an overdue "you're welcome" then. whee Have at it!!

Mmmmm. I read the conversation and I think they're really just taking to heart the suggestion to have the thread moderated by the OP (possibly to nullify posting about "cheating" as a whole) so they can continue using it as a hangout for the regs. Handling a thread isn't very easy, so rotating users sorta makes sense. I think having them saturated in just one thread instead of out and about isn't a terrible idea at all. I wouldn't want to bump into them in other threads, do you?

I'm not entirely sure why other users can't still post in that forum, though. surprised It is true that the current regs aren't very welcoming, but there isn't anything to say about having two groups of regulars - the ones who are nice, and the ones who are beastly, both in one same place. You don't really have to interact with some of them really. Remember how I had them blanket blocked from the other incident? I haven't had any pain nor grief from doing so. You could make your own fair little thread and mod them out from posting unkind things there, really.

If more people who weren't like them and were welcoming made threads and hung out, there would be more threads to post in which aren't owned by any one of them. It'll provide an outlet for the more neutral folk to express themselves. If they don't follow the rules of a thread, there isn't anything to say the OP can't blacklist them or block them for it.

In fact, I think seeing a red topics blocked would bother them more since they believe themselves wonderful people. surprised They wouldn't be so quick to be unkind in someone else's thread.

I'll agree that CB's still best place though whee I sometimes discuss my Runway entries there and they give me pointers. One or two led to me placing in the first page - recently I placed top 10 twice. emotion_yatta
BOMB4Y Report | 10/25/2016 11:24 pm
Of course I'd get these things. It's common sense really - just not something you'd generally expect from people who grew up on children's cartoons enough to preach values solely based off them, so don't worry about them not getting you... it may be that they're the ones having real trouble adjusting in real life. There are different levels of self-awareness and yours just happened to be on a higher level. I'm not being a snob here either: I'm just pointing out a fact. I'm hardly doing you a favor. Credit when credit due.

Don't bother gifting - I have that switched off too. I'm pretty elusive lol

Oh, have they started talking about ditching it? lol It'll do absolute jack if they don't clean their act up though. I don't mind them having a brand new thread, really, as long as they aren't accusing anyone of cheating, or specifically rallying against particular users.

I expressed my thought of having an admin review that particular thread because I knew it'd spark a bit of awareness. The idea was to really get them to not do these things on their own, and not to actually get anyone in trouble or banned for it. Consulting an admin was a last resort sorta thing... but personally it's not too bad an idea to get the rules fixed up and patched, just in case. So this evidence would be useful to discuss and better the feature.

We're seeing the bigger picture here. It's hardly about winning or losing or the feature itself, but the negativity it breeds in people. There are going to be bullies everywhere - we just need to make a stand the best we can to make things more conducive for those who aren't.
BOMB4Y Report | 10/25/2016 10:48 pm
My PM's are currently switched off redface hold on to them first ok?

what did i help with?? emotion_0A0
BOMB4Y Report | 10/25/2016 9:54 pm
That's actually a good catch - it's pointing out one particular entry. surprised I think a lot of them there fancy themselves mod material and may have wanted to do so to become moderators. People get a bit power hungry, and self-righteousness may grow from time to time depending on a person.

Do take screenshots of these things and save the pages, thread number and post number too, if you have some time to. I haven't really time right now because I'm swamped with a lot of things irl.
BOMB4Y Report | 10/25/2016 2:23 am
It's not easy for someone who's so into the idea that they were blameless and innocent to accept that they've done something awful. One of my mom's church mate's like that - she goes around telling everyone awful yarns about someone else, and most people actually believed her. It wasn't until later when she did it to them too that they realized the truth, but she still believes she's right because she had reasons to do so. As I like to quote Katy Perry:

"Time, the ultimate truth-teller."

You certainly were plucky seeing how they pretty much ganged up on you. whee You did good, really! It encouraged some people to speak up. Senior folk do tend to confront the new folk like yourself because it's a lot easier to bend you to their ways (since everyone wants to belong) and it's easier to get the newer folk to stop bringing it up using oldbie authority. The threat of regs not voting for you can be real to a lot of new folk. That's how new bullies join a group, come to think of it. It's a bit like brainwashing in a sense. Just look at the two poor things hanging on her every word. Even my maid doesn't think I'm right all the time, and she says it straight. I haven't seen anything that pathetic in a long time, and my family hires help.

I can't say a lot about playing fair. lol If you're a hufflepuff, I'm a slytherin. The only difference is that I'm honest about disregarding the rules, and very well aware that I'm doing something shitty, which is the sole reason why I don't make excuses and delude myself like that poor reg you quoted. I know I'm bad - but that's why I'm so good at being bad that most people can't help but love me for the bad boy I am. cool I've got looks and swank too. Holy s**t. I am based god. Allow me to smooch my mirror. Mmm bby oh yea

I thought it was rather stupid of her to call it irony that the people agreeing had indeed posted in the thread before. Unlike her, they didn't delude themselves into thinking they were right. Posting there and ragging on others made them feel awful, and so they stopped and changed themselves. In retrospect these were better people than she was. I gotta say I have more respect for them at being able to change themselves for the better, than wallow in delusion. But, y'know. Lack of intellect doesn't bear repeating in a conversation. It's sad. I need to kiss myself again to feel better.

Well, we snakes may play villains in your book but I've already screenshot most of the thread before it was deleted. The link should show back in history because I saved the thread numbers and post numbers too, for reference, which admins can see historically. Here's to resourcefulness lol wink emotion_brofist

I'll gather these and then some, then I'll talk to to the admin if I see it fit.
BOMB4Y Report | 10/25/2016 12:27 am
Lol yeah, I guess circlejerk was really the term for it. lol And yes, I did find it hypocritical. I don't believe that's someone to be reasoned with. I have a feeling that when an admin swoops in to remind them, they'd cause a stink in the Site Feedback forum, because they were "an innocent and upstanding Gaian" who had "the freedom of speech". I've seen this happen many times, and it always made me wonder how people could lack so much self-awareness. But nobody's born and raised the same, I guess.

A lot of people like the idea of being nice, but actual kindness eludes them because they're just naturally unkind, or were brought up such. Perhaps they had peers who were unkind and they didn't know that that was what they were.

I don't think much of the "nice regulars" who're posting there. If they're not going to stand up and say something about it, and they won't address it, they're just as guilty of it. I don't care how they've worded it or carried themselves in general really. If you lack balls you're trite - the same as it is everyone just standing there and not coming forward to address a bully in school. Cowardice just encourages that sort of thing passively.

I've spoken to one of the green-named mods before when I had my entry rallied against and they said these were benign and that people should just put up with it... which led to me putting up with what I've gone through by simply blocking the regs en masse, since nothing else could be done. It didn't occur to me that that was happening to others too, until that thread, and the one before made by someone else. Mods are people who also may associate with a community after all. That's why I mentioned bringing this up with an admin to get a true neutral. I'm not sure if a more active mod would make a difference - but that's something the admins could figure out and work out a solution for.

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