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Why is the Rabbit Unafraid?

The words of a man driven by the darkness of the flames of battle, and shunned by a love that he'll never feel.


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I dunno when your gonna get this, But I know you will..SO...: *Ahem* WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN! The Last time I heard from you was 0 ******** 5, Dude! What the flying ******** has happened to you? What Been to Busy Shitting out Rainbows to say ******** hi. OR ******** Whats up...OR ******** ********! Well..When you get this I thought it would be nice to let you know....You got some Serious a** Kissing and Boot Licking to do to make up for 3 years of Silence...So Why not get started...My Stiletto's need some Damn cleaning.. Chop Chop!
Frostbitten Beauty

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Frostbitten Beauty

Hey ^-^ how've you been?

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Even if a samurai's head were to be cut, they should still be able to commit one last act, with certainty.