Macey is the name. Most people call me Mace though. I'm 17 years young and absolutely cannot wait to be 18. I entered this dull world on June 13th, 1992. I'm not in school at the moment but I will soon be attending CCCC in Sanford, North Carolina; pretty excited 'bout that by the way:] OH! And I'm definitely real. This is my one and only Gaiaonline. If you find my photos on another site, it's NOT me! Send me the link so I can post it on here and it would be very appreciated.

jordan marie: she's my best friend and pretty sure she always will be :] we have been through soo much together. she's the only girl in the whole universe i can trust with anything; and that's pretty amazing because i dont get along with those : P we're pretty much amazing and always have crazy jokes. best friend forevaaaa <3

I'm a very outgoing and happy person now. I've changed quite a few things 'bout me. Yes, I can be intimidating but I really don't mean to be haha. I can also be the biggest b***h you've ever met in your life but I'm actually the sweetest person you'll ever know or hear of. I know people say that a lot but get to know me and you'll find that it's true: ) I love to be silly and I've been called a goofball and immature many times but I'm not those things, I just like to have fun and live life like it's never going to end.

Nutrition is a highly big deal to me. I hate eating with a passion and can go for 'bout 5 days without eating. I don't starve myself, I just limit my meals and only eat when I'm hungry. I adore drinking water or diet coke though. Those would have to be my loves haha. Working out and dancing (belly) has become one of my favorites things to do now as well. Every time I get on the scale I find that I lose more lbs and I always do a happy dance : D haha! That's our secret :B lmao.

Photography is my passion. I do it almost all the time; I love it. I was taking classes before but I moved so, sadly, I'm not in them anymore but that doesn't stop me from learning more 'bout it. Hopefully one day I can persue it into a career of mine and that way I'm not like everyone else and hate my ******** job lol!

Views and opinions are very important to me; even if they're bad. My biggest pet peeve view is abortion. It makes me cringe whenever I hear a girl talk 'bout getting one. If you have time to lay on your back and spread those legs, then you're proving you have time to raise a baby. Sorry but in my eyes, a fetus is basically a living thing. It's growing inside you so why kill it? It didn't make you make a mistake. Don't punish it for your actions. Besides, you never know, it could grow up to be our next President and actually be the most amazing one we've ever had! Don't pass that chance up haha!

GaiaOnline is just a site for people to meet people, so stop sending hatemail and acting "hardcore with a keyboard" whenever someone gets on your nerves or does something you don't like. GaiaOnline also doesn't control people's lives so stop basing each other on your profiles. Get to know everyone before you make judgements. You can't just read someone's About Me and think you know everything 'bout them. So, talk and maybe you'll be surprised what you find out smile

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