Im into gardening these days.. my sis ade i have a small garden outside our home.we planted some tomatos, and some korean green onions^^ im really excited to eat them once they're ready 3nodding we also planted some morning glorys and other kinds of flowers, which i do not remember their name sweatdrop my sister mostly takes care of the garden, but i like to help a little too!it makes me feel so proud and happy when i see that the plants are growing well.i think its so cool to have your own gardenXD dramallama


biggrin things i like:pho<3,movies,ipod,drawing, roller skating,cooking?,sleeping,eating,doing nothing,hanging w/ friends,play gamesxD,take pics,basket ball,wind! biggrin ,swimming, the smell after rain,trees,neck wear,SUN,white boards,silk pajama,music,kpop<333

sad things i hate?:the dark,sudden loud sounds or screams,mean people,gross smell,rain,evil things that people do,war,pimples> sad ,fighting w/friends?,being bored,being a loner,bugs(spiders),small dogs that always bark at me whenever i move eek

rolleyes my one wish?:world peace :god! help us ! ahh sad

|..........| Put this on you
|..........| page if you have
|........O| ever pushed a
|..........| door that said pull.

come 2 da dakr side.. we have cookies>.....><......<

oink group razz
LAO friendz XD heart