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the rundown

Hiya, I'm Arik.. I know, my name is spelled weird, but that's how it is, alright? I'm gay, and if that changes your thoughts of me, then that's YOUR problem. I like to read, and sometimes write, I like to draw, but I really think I suck at it...
I like to roleplay, but I have rules. I won't cyber; I'll flirt, and foreplay, but that's it. SERIOUSLY.
My favorite holiday is Christmas.. If you couldn't tell...
Um... Yeah, that's basically it...

The man

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Last Login: 08/19/2009 1:32 pm

Gender: Male

Birthday: 06/09


the end

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Support Yaoi/Bi/Yuri people or else I'll send my crazy flying monkeys after you.
Or if you don't support them, don't go on about howw muc you hate them, No one wants to hear you whine... PLus, if you whine, you may get beat up by the exact people you're dissing.
Have a lovely day!