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The fox you are stalking. xP

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Gender: Female

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- I am a quiet, cunning and sometimes shy little fox. :] Lola is the name. :3
- I may like you, but I may not. So don't be annoying or you'll get bitten. stare
- Other things I like are noodles and tea.
- Favorite colors are grey black and red. Sometimes blue and purple. :]
- I have an obsession for chocolate. :3
- My title is the protector of animals. :] So don't mess with animals, or you'll have to face me. stare
- I hate animal haters. stare
- I have an owner, but you don't need to know who that is. :]
- I live in Europe, like most foxes do. :3
- Real life age, name? Stupid questions. xP
- I am an otaku fox 3nodding
- Can't think of anything else so that's all. :]

NOTE: Sorry but I do not accept random friend invites. neutral
Sincerly, Lola~

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o.o Stalkers o.o


Siggy :D

Quote me. If you don't then I won't reply to you. :'c

~You took my heart
Deceived me right from the start
You showed me dreams
I wished they'd turn in to real
You broke a promise
And made me realise
It was all just a lie...~