I am called by many names. Trickster, Liesmith, Bringer of Frost, Silvertongue; just to name a few.

The above are usually accurate at describing who I am.

But above all others, I am Loki, Goddess of Mischief and Fire.

Daughter of Laufey and Fárbauti. Heiress of Jotunheim.
Former Ásynja.

If you hear the crackling of embers or the howling of winter winds, expect me to make an appearance shortly after.

Cosplay account based on a female version of Mythology!Loki and Marvel!Loki.
A second account of Yggdrasil Root.


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Anonymous Benefactor: Emerald Golden Princess Tiara

Loki Laufeydottir
Yggdrasil Root
Antonia Stark