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-short version-
[Any confusion can be cleared up my referencing the long version]
Basic character info
Name: Lokaia
Nickname: Lo
Age: N/A
Gender: male
Hiehgt: 6ft(ish)
Weight: N/A [athletic build leaning towards spry]
Ethnic Appearence: N/A [closest to Egyptian?]
Eye color: N/A
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Braid
Face: Narrow/Diamond with opaque features
Description: A taller though rather thin framed man lined with lean but well toned muscle. His complexion is a bit darker than most who share his dark attire and he has rather smooth facial features. His eyes are never seen though judging by his cheeks they are likely closer to narrow than not though still on the round side. His ears are on the average size though a bit small. He wears his ebony black hair in a tight braid with a few whisps of bangs spread across his forehead. A pair of black horns adorn his head with a cloven tail to match. Every so often a silky black pair of wings grace his back but they are mostly for show.

Weapon(s): Nyss Claymore [description in long version]
Clothing: Black button up shirt, casual dress slack type pants, button up Madelin collar vest, steel toed leather boots, mirror black circular sunglasses with silver frames.
Armor: Black full length duster/trench coat, leather fingerless gloves/gauntlets.


Weapon Skills: N/A [he is only ever seen with the Nyss Claymore but it is assumed he has pother weapon skills]
Combative Skill Basis: Using dexterity and speed to create Power via intertia [Note: Lokaia is proven, hwoever, to need no assistance i create power thanks to his blood line]
element Orientation: Ash/Smoke
Magic Skill Basis: manipulating miniscule enviroemntal substances to create gravitonically altered materials such as Voids, dark matter, black matter and so on. Manipulation of the soul/cognitive existance along with a devourer of the same substance. Collective will applied to general mentalism [Psychic Hive Mind], enhancement of physical ability by means of gravitonical altered energi. Ability known as "Gate Keeper" [explained in long version]


Life: Not much is known about the life of Lokaia other than his early life is rott with misery and that the untimely death of his mother greatly impacted the malevolent and rather tyranical Lokaia we know today. It is also known that the realm of his birth predated the realm most call "The Main Realm". It is speculated but inproven that Lokaia was somehow involved in the destruction of his own home realm, which would result in the creation of said "Main Realm". The details of his involvement change from person to person but it is all centralized around a battle between Lokaia and his younger though older seeming brother Rashad. Lokaia has led many conquestest, each larger than the last, and has been called "The inevitability" which refers to his dominance over the Great Underworld and his ventures into the Lands of None Existence, also known as the Lands of Not.

Wife: Raiyne
Children: Matthew [by Raiyne], Vincent [by Raylin De Lioncourt], possibily others.
Father: Lomen
Mother: Marietty
Siblings Rashad [Lodenshi], Alice [Loli], Nitemare [Lodren] Fall [Lokenda], Seito [Lodoeschki], Soh, [Lokanira] and many others who's identities are not confirmed.
Grandfather: Losenden
Grandmother: Aislen
Grand Children: Ask Matthew

War and Emperial History:
Rebellion of the Shepard - Victorious
First Aislen Civil War - Lost
Repression of Lomen - Victorious though the result is complicated
Second Aislen Civil War - Indirectly involved though Victorious
Conquest of Lomen [country] - Not Victorious
Saints Rebellion/ Rebellion of the Shepard II: Victorious.
Second Conquest of Lomen [country] - Victorious
First Siege of Aislen - Victorious
Continued Conquest of Aislen -Victorious
First Siege of Aislen [Capital] - Not Victorious
Continued Siege of Aislen [Capital] - Not Victorious
Battle of Black Sky [Final Siege of Aislen [Capital]] - Victorious
Complete Domination of Aislen - Victorious
Battle of Black Blood- Not Victorious
Conquest of The Great Underworld [Lo II] - Victorious
Conquest of Varried Realms - All Victorious
Conquest of New Aislen - on going
Conquest of Main Realm - Ongoing
Conquest of Lo -Post Poned.
Conquest of The Lands of Not - Ongoing or Victorious [details unknown]

Summary: Lokaia is a dark yet charismatic man when he desires to be and is rarely trifled with. He is known for building massive Empires linked by a "hive Soul" than cutting them down at their peak for his own personal gain. However, Lokaia is also known for building an elite team, known as The Apostles, who remain at his side from empire to empire. He is far from father of the year and his romantic life is rather unknown. His best known character traits are his prior stated charisma, his distane of stupidity, his calm definer and contradicting explosive anger [Ask Lanya], his dislike and near fear of small children, his inability to grasp simple human concepts such as "Break Fast" and "Vegetarian Food", but most of all his Arrogance and love for himself.

-Long Version-
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