LoliDemon- Goo Creature

Friendly, polite to a point, and sadistically sweet.
I like making succubi avatars,
doesn't mean I'm interested
Doesn't reply to PMs well,
sorry ahead of time.
Lolita & loving,
Sugar craving,
Monsterously gooey,
pansexual lolidevil.
She/They/ It

Doodles and plays League and Sims
Strictly here for friends, pixels, and ART!~

{!! Main reason for Gaia !!}
I HOARD art of my demonic girls!~!~!
I have a dripping Succugoo, Tarantuloli, Octopus,
Moth Meido, Poundcake Puppy, Dessert Devil,
ChocoMoo, and Skitty! {Spider kitty}.

If you find yourself reaching the end of your rope,
I'll toss you mine.