My Insanity

So. Where do I start.

I'm an introvert who is good with his hands. I love music, books, video games, art, baking, cooking, and working with my hands. I love using a computer and I would swear that I already downloaded half of my brain to my laptop. It's my go to tool of choice for just about everything my wrench won't fix on its own.

I like to think my way out around things, taking the time to think them through and fully understand them. I'm great with mechanical and logic puzzles of all kinds as long as I can actually play around with them.

I'm a Who fan, like Anime and Manga, and spend most of my time learning, job hunting, and playing games.

I have dyslexia so I can be a bit slow when typing or reading, but I'd like to believe I've overcome that hurdle well as one can. Because of this little fact though, I suck at coding and such things that require long streams of text and no spell check even though I enjoy writing and read code fairly well.