Song: Great Love- Flyleaf
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Name: America
Race: Mexican
Birthday: September 27
I'm Different then your average person. I love everybody. I'm real. I'm Funny in stupid silly kind of way. I love to help in anyway possible, so hit me up if you feeling down or just need someone to talk to. I may seem cocky but I'm not. I'm kind most of the time, but i tend to tease or say s**t with out thinking or say things that I don't mean. I'm fun to hang out with. I love to mess around most of the time but i can be serious too. I'm open minded and at times ignorant. I'm stubborn and act childish at times. I'm a pervert (i'm sorry if that bugs some of you ) I'm chill, over dramatic (usually kidding), sarcastic, bipolar (not bisexual.. yet jk) Emotional and take things to heart sometimes. I like to study, because i want to be a lawyer. I'm shy,wild, and insecure.
Things i like: Vintage,Nature,Hiking,Biking,setting Goals,Guys, Love Asians, and their culture,Listening Music (any kind), the Arts (sculpting, drawing, sketching, poetry, dance) Playing my Drums, flute, violin, piano( guitar soon)
Things i hate: When people judge people by stupid things, When people disrespect, two faces, liars.

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Musashi Miyamoto_x on 06/16/2021
Camber Gang on 10/02/2019

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