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Registered: 08/22/2007

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/09


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WɆⱠȻǾΜɆ gaia_sakura gaia_moon gaia_sakura

(I changed my profiles background to the pink falling petals, since the pink stars and skull image is broken from the place where I chose the layout from the image(s) used for it was used from tinypic which is no longer, and I didn't have the pics for it saved anywhere on my pc. Which is really unfortunate cause I really liked the profile layout and background. sad )

*Listening to music
*Nature..and various other things. If anyone wants to know more, just ask.


~Genres of music I mostly listen to mainly are neofolk, neo classcial, Industrial, harsh EBM, Dark Electro..and some mainstream genres. etc

I don't accept random adds.

if you want to talk, you can send a message. gaia_sakura Just don't be a dickshit.


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- I like to draw -"Beauty awakens the soul to act."-Dante Alighieri Questing -
art of my avi~ gaia_sakura emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart



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