~about me~

Well my Name is Choi/Van i took my first breathe on September 30th I'm 1*yrsold(Guess?)..I'm Philipino/Mixed(; (; im a very nice person once you get to know me (: I'm not a hater (sometimes) instead I'm the kind of person who loves alot of things<3 (: i play instruments name most of them i can play ehm(; I'm an Animal lover and a NeverShoutNver Fan<3 (: i have besties in rl though cant name them all and that is all about me any questions ask<3 bye bye now(: Saranghae!~<3


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Epic Rav
Epic Rav
Lmfao Choi
Lmfao Choi
Lmfao Choi

hi my name is shii chan

i love to watch kamichama karin

ppls my wallpaper is all kamichama karin if u want to watch movies of it go to youtube or watch it here

my hacked acc .__.

IloveYou guys and always will and i'll never forget<3(:

Add me on FaceBook? email is Vankhin.Garcia@Yahoo.com
or just search VanKhin Garcia ^^ please add if wants(:

Leaving My important friends "Hurts"....i cant Leave them...I jsut Love Them Way Tooo Much... v.v... I've Already Made the Choice..But...It just doesn't give in..Maybe..I might Regret Leaving Them...They all Mean The world to me..yet..I dont know what to do...Stay? or Leave? "Maybe" I'll stay..

Sorry Guys I Quit!