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Hello. Chao. Hola. Bonjour. Konnichiwa. Ni Hao Gaians! Whalecum to my page. ;D I go by the name Kenneth and I am Cambodian, 15 years old. Message me for pics. I currently live in Seattle, Washington so I'm basically "LAME." :< If you see me in Rally or VH (MTV) say "HI!" or "Waddup Dawg" LOL. I'm a entertaining, clumsy, random, and a delirious boy. I Play Ukelele, Sing, C-Walk, and finger tut but I'm really shy to show. x. x; I L O V E to make people laugh. Even though I am a teen, I act like a total kid. 8D I tend to live life like it's my last.
Pretty much, the sky's the limit. (:
Kiss me, I'm Asian. =]

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Btw have a tumblr?!
Go ahead, dont be afraid to follow <3 I wont bite !